Watch: New teaser for Of Kings & Prophets, plus new photos and an “historical introduction” to the biblical series


With Of Kings and Prophets set to premiere just two months from now, the ABC network is stepping up its publicity campaign. In the last two weeks they have released a 15-second teaser, several new photos, and a press release that explains how the battles depicted in this series are “an origin story” for the conflicts that currently bedevil the Middle East. You can check all those things out below the jump.

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Interview: Pastor Chris Whaley (The Masked Saint, 2016)


A pro wrestler becomes a pastor, and the pastor becomes a masked vigilante, in The Masked Saint, which opens this Friday (January 8).

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Bible movie of the week: Apostle Peter and the Last Supper (dir. Gabriel Sabloff, 2012)


Apostle Peter and the Last Supper is one of a handful of low-budget Bible films produced by Pure Flix Entertainment, the company behind Woodlawn and God’s Not Dead. Until last month, I had not seen any of that company’s biblical adaptations, but the news of Robert Loggia’s death prompted me to check out this film, which stars Loggia as the titular disciple on the eve of his martyrdom in Rome.

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The top ten posts at FilmChat in 2015


Happy New Year (again)!

I don’t think I have ever posted an end-of-the-year round-up of my most-viewed blog posts before, but I see lots of other blogs doing that now, so hey, why not?

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Everest / The Walk / The Martian — the article’s up!


My latest article for Books & Culture is now online. [Read more...]

8th day of Christmas: 3 films on the circumcision of Jesus


Happy New Year!

Today is the eighth day of Christmas, and that means today is the day on which we commemorate the circumcision of Jesus. Here are three films that depict this moment from Jesus’ infancy, which is mentioned briefly in Luke 2:21.

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