Watch: Moses and Ramses disagree over how to attack the Hittites in the first clip from Exodus: Gods and Kings

exodusgodsandkings-141110One of these days, I will write about something other than Exodus: Gods and Kings. But for now, the studio keeps putting out new materials — including, on this occasion, a new poster and our first actual clip from the film — and I’m keeping up with it all as best as I can.

The new poster went up at 20th Century Fox’s Facebook page yesterday, and it’s interesting to see how it makes Moses look really, really small next to that giant tidal wave by the Red Sea. In a way, it resembles the early posters for Noah — biblical heroes, deadly storms, lots of water — but of course it’s quite different, too, because it makes the hero such a tiny part of the picture.

Next, there is our first clip from the film — and, as you might expect, it features the clash of Egyptian and Hittite armies at the Battle of Kadesh. It also, however, hints at the character dynamic between Moses and Ramses: while the two “brothers” are still friends at this point, Moses disagrees with Ramses’ tactical decisions, and Ramses quickly puts Moses in his place. The impression you get is that Moses is smarter, but Ramses is a little more protective of his position within the social hierarchy.

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See Christian Bale chisel the Ten Commandments and more in the third full trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings

vlcsnap-2014-11-10-10h40m49s174No sooner did I finish my post on the three TV spots that were released over the weekend, than the third full trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings came out. As always, you can check out screencaps of all the new images below the jump.

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More footage of the Red Sea “parting” — and un-parting — in three new Exodus: Gods and Kings TV spots

exodus-tvspot5-05The powers that be behind Exodus: Gods and Kings are promising to release a new trailer today. In the meantime, they released three new TV spots yesterday, all of which feature bits of new footage.

Most of the new footage comes from the Red Sea sequence, but there are also new shots of Moses with his wife Zipporah, Moses leading the Hebrew rebels in shooting flaming arrows at the Egyptians, and more. Check it all out below the jump.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings: the soundtrack album is available for pre-order; the track list hints at a few new story details

albertoiglesias-aMany thanks to the reader who tipped me off to the fact that the soundtrack album for Exodus: Gods and Kings is already available for pre-order at No cover art is available for it yet, but we know it will feature music by the film’s main composer Alberto Iglesias (pictured here), and it may or may not include music by Harry Gregson-Williams, who also contributed to the movie’s score.

The soundtrack album will include 32 tracks in all, and the titles on a few of them hint at story elements we haven’t heard much about yet. Check out the full list — mixed with some speculation as to what the titles might mean — below the jump.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings: new footage of Moses, Ramses and Zipporah in a featurette on the 3D photography

exodus-3d-11Exodus: Gods and Kings isn’t the first Bible movie to be released in 3D — Darren Aronofsky’s Noah was released in that format in some foreign markets — but it is the first Bible movie to be shot in 3D, so it makes sense that there is now a featurette (first posted at Entertainment Focus) that focuses on Ridley Scott’s decision to shoot the film in that format. And, as luck would have it, the featurette includes at least thirteen new shots from the film itself. Check ’em all out below the jump.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings: a new poster, Sigourney Weaver on wanting to kill Moses, costume designs, and more

exodusgodsandkings-dutchTime to round up some Exodus: Gods and Kings bits.

First up, Flicks and Bits has this poster for the film’s Dutch release, which will apparently take place on December 18 — fifteen days after the film opens in South Korea, and six days after it opens in North America. It’s not a great poster, but it’s less lame than some of the other ones we’ve seen. (One of the most recent posters, which seems to show Moses and Ramses fighting each other even though they aren’t even looking at each other, is particularly strange.)

Second, Sigourney Weaver was interviewed by her old friend (and Dave co-star) Kevin Kline for Gotham magazine, and along the way she drops a few hints about how Queen Tuya, her character in Exodus, tries to influence her son Ramses:
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