Box office: Exodus: Gods and Kings gets mixed results

exodus-royalfamily-2-nologoIt looks like the most expensive Bible movie of the year will have the smallest first weekend of the bunch, at least in North America.

Exodus: Gods and Kings, which reportedly cost $140 million to make, is estimated to have earned about $24.5 million this weekend — which is slightly less than the $25.6 million that Son of God, a repackaged TV show, opened to in February. It is also just a little more than half the $43.7 million that Noah, which cost $125 million to make, opened to in March. And Exodus owes 44% of its box-office take to higher-priced 3D screenings, whereas Noah and Son of God were released in 2D only on this continent.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings: new footage of Moses, Ramses and Zipporah in a featurette on the 3D photography

exodus-3d-11Exodus: Gods and Kings isn’t the first Bible movie to be released in 3D — Darren Aronofsky’s Noah was released in that format in some foreign markets — but it is the first Bible movie to be shot in 3D, so it makes sense that there is now a featurette (first posted at Entertainment Focus) that focuses on Ridley Scott’s decision to shoot the film in that format. And, as luck would have it, the featurette includes at least thirteen new shots from the film itself. Check ’em all out below the jump.

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Noah news round-up: a box-office milestone, distribution difficulties in the Philippines, and Rob Moore speaks

Paramount announced today that Darren Aronofsky’s Noah has grossed $300 million worldwide since it first opened in Mexico and South Korea on March 21.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Noah is the fourth-highest-grossing film of the year worldwide so far, behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($586.7 million), The Lego Movie ($441.7 million) and 300: Rise of an Empire ($329.2 million).

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Noah news round-up: Has it been banned overseas already? Plus a note on one of the visual effects companies.

The other day, it was reported that three Muslim countries had banned Darren Aronofsky’s Noah — not necessarily because of its content, but simply because it offers a visual depiction of one of “the prophets”. But now it turns out that reports of the film being censored in at least one of those countries might be premature.

Gulf News says the film has not yet been banned in the United Arab Emirates, and it quotes Juma Obeid Al Leem, a representative of the country’s National Media Council, to the effect that “We haven’t decided whether it’s OK or not. We will decide after watching the full movie next week and after a report is made.”

At this point, very few people have seen the finished film. As of a week ago, the filmmakers were still putting the final touches to the sound mix, and the film has not yet been rated by any of the classification boards in Canada, the United States or Great Britain. However, the film will have its world premiere in Mexico City just two days from now, so if it isn’t finished yet, it should be very very soon!

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See the Flood destroy the Earth in 3D — but only overseas!

If you didn’t know any better, you might think Paramount was feeling a bit nervous about Noah’s box-office prospects in North America, and was pinning all its hopes (well, a lot of them, anyway) on the film’s foreign prospects. Consider:

Some of the first images from the film were revealed to the public in conjunction with a screening of some footage in Spain. The first poster for the film was tailored for European audiences — with the European logo design and the European tagline and a European website address — and was released over two months before the North American poster. And now, The Hollywood Reporter says Paramount is spending $10 million to convert the film to 3D — but only for certain overseas markets.

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Is Ridley Scott’s Exodus the first Bible epic to be shot in 3D?

The first big wave of 3D films came and went in the early 1950s, right around the time when Bible epics were surging in popularity — but to my knowledge, the two trends never met. No Bible films were made in 3D back then, nor have any Bible films been made in 3D since then.

Well, that all changes right now, because it turns out Ridley Scott is shooting his life-of-Moses movie Exodus in 3D, and doing so with the same cinematographer who produced such fantastic 3D images for him in last year’s Prometheus. We can only hope that the script they’re working with will be much, much better this time, but it seems a safe bet that Exodus will look great, at least. The IMDb has the details.

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