Newsbites: From Moses to Jesus to the end of the world

It looks like Ridley Scott’s Moses movie might really be happening. The Hollywood Reporter says Joel Edgerton — who recently co-starred in Zero Dark Thirty and The Great Gatsby — is in talks to play the Pharaoh. As in most other big-screen versions of the Moses story, the Pharaoh of this film will be Ramesses II.

The film, called Exodus, already has Christian Bale attached to play Moses. The film will be shot in Spain, Morocco and England, and shooting could start as early as next month, so expect more casting news soon.

Meanwhile, in other casting news, the remake of Left Behind started filming last Friday, and the filmmakers have already had to replace one of their actors. Due to scheduling conflicts, Big Love alumnus Cassi Thomson has replaced Ashley Tisdale in the part of Chloe Steele, daughter of the airplane pilot played by Nicolas Cage.

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An addition to the Left Behind family.

Bad news, everyone. It looks like Nicolas Cage will not be playing the Antichrist in the upcoming Left Behind reboot. Instead, he will be playing Rayford Steele, the pilot with the absurdly masculine name who was played in the original trilogy by Brad Johnson.

The news comes to us courtesy of, which also reports that former High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale will be playing Steele’s daughter Chloe, who was played in the original trilogy by Janaya Stephens.

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