Watch: The second (spoiler-ish!) music video for Ben-Hur


If there’s one thing all versions of Ben-Hur have had in common, it’s the chariot race, which Judah Ben-Hur wins while his old nemesis Messala gets trampled by some horses. But what happens after the chariot race has varied from film to film.

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Ben-Hur news round-up: Is the new film a “Trojan horse”?


Another week, another round-up of Ben-Hur news items, plus a few new TV spots.

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Watch: For King & Country’s music video for Ben-Hur


If you watched last Sunday’s Ben-Hur simulcast, you’ve already seen the music video for ‘Ceasefire’, the song that was used in the most recent trailer for that film. Today that video, which features the Christian pop band For King & Country as well as some new footage from the film, went public via the Entertainment Weekly website.

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The first four clips from Ben-Hur are now online, and a few other things we learned about the movie today


A lot of new footage from the upcoming remake of Ben-Hur went live today.

First, the website posted four clips from the film as part of a “faith-based” discussion guide. And then, a 20-minute montage of film clips was included in a simulcast hosted by Rick Warren and producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey that was streamed to churches and other venues across the country.

These clips give us our best look at the film yet, and they reveal some of the ways that this new version of Ben-Hur will differ from the versions that came before it.

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Paramount releases new character posters for Ben-Hur


Paramount released three sets of posters today featuring the five main characters from Ben-Hur. Curiously, the main set of posters — released via the film’s official social media accounts — did not include any images of Jesus, but the other two sets (at least one of which is aimed at foreign audiences) did. Check ’em out below the jump.

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Watch: Ben-Hur goes “epic” in a new featurette


With six weeks to go until the film’s release date, Paramount has posted a new Ben-Hur featurette. This one focuses on the film’s “epic” nature, and while it consists mostly of footage that we have seen before, it does have a few new bits.

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