Box office: Winter but no Christmas for The Huntsman, and Zootopia becomes the 8th-biggest animated film worldwide


There was good news and bad news for Chris Hemsworth this week.

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Box office: The Jungle Book exceeds expectations, while Barbershop: The Next Cut underperforms slightly


Disney got more than the bare necessities at the box office this week.

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Ben-Hur release date gets bumped to a later week in August


Uh-oh. Deadline is reporting that the new version of Ben-Hur — which was once going to come out February 26 — has been bumped from its August 12 release date.

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Box office: Melissa McCarthy beats Batman, while Zootopia becomes one of the top ten animated films in North America


It was Batman vs. Superman vs. Melissa McCarthy at the box office this week.

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Box office: God’s Not Dead 2 and Batman v Superman both perform below (their not-high-to-begin-with) expectations


It was a weekend of setbacks for “faith-based” films and superhero movies.

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Box office: Batman v Superman breaks records, Deadpool becomes the top-grossing R-rated movie ever worldwide


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may have been worse than Man of Steel in the eyes of audiences and critics alike (Man of Steel got 56% at Rotten Tomatoes and an A- at CinemaScore, while Batman v Superman got 29% and a mere B), but the new film did a lot better than its predecessor at the box office this week.

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