Box office: Star Trek, Ice Age come down with sequel fatigue


Sequel fatigue hit two venerable franchises at the box office this weekend.

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Box office: Ghostbusters gets off to a good but not great start, while animated films continue to set new records


After months of controversy, an all-female reboot of a popular comedy franchise had a good but not great start at the box office this weekend, while a couple of animated films continued to set new records for the animation medium.

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Is this the biggest year for animated movies ever?


Here’s a fun trivia bit: animated movies have been #1 at the box office for the past four weeks (three weeks for Finding Dory and one week for The Secret Life of Pets), and the last time animation ruled the box office for such a long stretch was three years ago, when Monsters University and Despicable Me 2 were #1 for two weeks each.

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Box office: Pets, Dory set new records for animated films


A couple of animated films set a few new records at the box office this week.

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Box office: Tarzan leads a pack of also-rans behind Dory


A Pixar cartoon just kept swimming at the top of the box office this week, while three new releases had openings that ranged from decent to disappointing.

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Box office: Independence Day and Free State of Jones flop while Finding Dory and The Shallows thrive in the water


They had 20 years to prepare a sequel … and it more or less flopped in North America.

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