Box office: Ben-Hur is one of the summer’s biggest flops


Ben-Hur turned out to be an even bigger flop than many people expected this week.

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Ben-Hur earns $900,000 in Thursday-night previews


Ben-Hur may have had the worst reviews of the year’s three main Jesus movies, but it outdid the other two at the box office, at least, when it came to theatres last night.

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Box office: R-rated animated film beats Disney family film


An R-rated animated movie beat a Disney family film at the box office this week.

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Box office: Suicide Squad sets a new record for August


Critics may have hated it, but Suicide Squad — which revolves around a team of DC Comics supervillains — set new records at the box office this week.

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Box office: Jason Bourne shoots his way to the top


A rogue former assassin fought his way back to the top of the box office this week.

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Is Ben-Hur in box-office trouble?


With tickets on sale and the release date only three weeks away, it is now possible to get a sense of how big an audience the new Ben-Hur might have. And the news at this point isn’t very encouraging, as The Hollywood Reporter says the big-budget Bible epic is currently on track to gross only $14-15 million in its first weekend.

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