Box office: The Angry Birds rule the weekend, while Captain America becomes the year’s first billion-dollar movie


The Angry Birds Movie may be an awful, awful film — full of peeing, pooping, farting, male-stripper visual gags, pseudo-swearing (“Pluck my life!”) and more — but that didn’t stop families from turning out to see it in droves this week.

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Review: The Amityville Horror (dir. Andrew Douglas, 2005)

For a Christian film critic like me, one of the more interesting things about the recent glut of horror sequels and remakes is the opportunity it has given me to go back and look at the classic thrillers that I avoided at all costs in my younger days. When I was a child, I was reluctant to expose myself to any supernatural story that didn’t have the clear imprimatur of some evangelical author or other, and by the time I became a man and put away childish things, many of the films made during my youth had faded into video-store oblivion. So the best thing I can say about Andrew Douglas’s remake of The Amityville Horror is that it gave me a reason to track down the original film, which I remember hearing about when I was still in grade school, and which, to my surprise, has a fair bit of Christian content.

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