Martin Sheen replaces Robert Redford as Oral Roberts


Three years ago, I passed along a news item to the effect that Robert Redford was in talks to play televangelist Oral Roberts in a movie called Come Sunday. Today, Deadline reports that the part will go to Martin Sheen instead — and that’s not the only thing that has changed about the film since the last time I blogged it.

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Robert Redford may play Oral Roberts in a movie about the protégé who stopped believing in Hell

Robert Redford is in talks to play Oral Roberts in a movie about Carlton Pearson, a Pentecostal minister who was a rising star within his denomination until he revealed that he no longer believed in Hell.

The Hollywood Reporter says the film, which was originally being developed for director Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, Machine Gun Preacher) under the name Heretics, is now being developed by Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs, Rachel Getting Married) under the name Come Sunday.

Jeffrey Wright, who has had key roles in the James Bond and Hunger Games franchises, is in talks to play Pearson himself. The script is by Marcus Hinchey (All Good Things), and it is based on an episode of This American Life that first aired in 2005.

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