Of Kings and Prophets finds its David… and Jesus (sort of)


Three new actors have joined the Saul-and-David drama Of Kings and Prophets.

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Guess who’s behind the new ABC series about King David


The Wrap reports that ABC has ordered five new pilot episodes — basically test runs for potential full-fledged series — and one of them is biblical in nature.

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Warner options Rabbi Wolpe’s David: The Divided Heart

david-dividedheartNot too long ago, Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox were in a race to make a movie about Moses. Eventually Fox gave its film the greenlight — they even stole the title of the Warner Brothers movie, which was never made in the end — and the result was Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings. Now it’s time for a rematch. A few months ago, Fox and Scott announced that they were developing a movie about King David. And now The Tracking Board reports that Warner has optioned the rights to David: The Divided Heart, a book by popular rabbi David Wolpe that examines some of the contradictions in David’s personality. The film, which has the working title King David, is being developed by Matt Phelps and Mike Karz, whose credits include the animated film The Nut Job and the Adam Sandler comedy Blended. Not exactly the most promising of résumés, to be sure, but hey.

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Review: The Song (dir. Richard Ramsey, 2014)

songIf you went to The Song knowing nothing but the title and the fact that it’s loosely based on the life of King Solomon, then you might think that this film, about a country-music star and his struggles with fidelity, is based on the Song of Songs, also known as the Song of Solomon. And there is, indeed, a bit of that in there. But of all the texts ascribed to Solomon, the one that dominates this film, by far, is Ecclesiastes, easily the most existentialist book in the entire Bible. And that makes this film a little different from your typical “faith-based” movie.

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Watch: The first trailer for next year’s David and Goliath

vlcsnap-2014-09-21-22h04m03s56It finished shooting only two months ago, but Tim Chey’s David and Goliath already has a trailer — and it has even had a “red-carpet premiere”, months before its intended release date in April 2015.

According to the movie’s website, the film was screened for potential investors at the Zanuck Theatre on the 20th Century Fox lot in Los Angeles last Thursday.

Why does the film still need investors if it’s already finished? Because it doesn’t have a distributor, and Chey wants to get the film into a thousand theatres when it opens next year. He is currently hoping to raise $5 million towards that end.

And that’s where the trailer comes in. Check it out below the jump.
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The tallest man in Canada is playing Goliath in a new movie

The makers of David and Goliath, which recently finished shooting in London and North Africa, issued a press release Tuesday announcing that the part of Goliath is being played in their film by Jerry Sokoloski, who happens to be the tallest man in Canada.

Estimates vary as to how tall, exactly, Sokoloski is. When he visited the Canadian TV show Breakfast Television several years ago, they measured him at 7’4”, but he said he had been measured “between that height and up to seven feet, 5.5 inches.” The David and Goliath press release says he’s even taller, at 7’8”.

As I mentioned in an earlier post on this film, estimates also vary as to how tall the biblical Goliath was. Most of the earliest manuscripts say he was about 6’9”, but the Masoretic text used by most English translations gives his height as 9’9”. So Sokoloski is either too tall for the part or too short.

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