Watch: The first trailer for Sony Animation’s The Star


“There is something seriously wrong with those animals.”

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Watch: New TV spots and featurettes give Miracles from Heaven an Easter-themed push


Easter is coming up this weekend, but the biggest “faith-based” movie at the box office isn’t one of the two Bible movies out there — instead, it’s Miracles from Heaven, which tells the story of a girl who was healed of a rare digestive disorder. The studio has released some new videos to promote the film as it enters its second week.

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Box office: Miracles from Heaven opens strong, and both of the season’s Bible movies drop out of the top ten


Last week, there were two Bible movies in the top ten at the box office, and this week — as churches geared up for Palm Sunday — there were none. But a third film did give the broader “faith-based” genre its biggest opening in almost two years.

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Well, that’s one way to promote a “faith-based” film.


Miracles from Heaven — the latest in a series of “faith-based” films about people who get a glimpse of the world beyond this one — opens this month, on March 16 to be precise. The film stars Jennifer Garner. To promote the film, Garner is now the subject of a cover story in Vanity Fair. And, as cover-story subjects sometimes do, Garner has participated in a video posted on the magazine’s website — and the video, in this case, consists of Garner reading the children’s-book parody Go the F**k to Sleep.

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Casting news: The Shack! Miracles from Heaven! Ben-Hur!


Here are a few recent bits of casting news with a “faith-based” angle.

1. Sam Worthington has been cast as the lead in The Shack, Stuart Hazeldine’s adaptation of the William P. Young novel. Worthington will play a grieving father who meets God in the shack where the father’s murdered daughter was found. Octavia Spencer is already on board as one of the actors who will play God.

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Sundance Film Festival panels to discuss the sound design of a Jesus movie, and faith-based films in general

last_days_in_the_desertThe “year of the Bible movie” may have come to an end, but the genre — and the issues it raised — aren’t going away any time soon. For evidence of that, look no further than two panels coming up at the Sundance Film Festival, which starts later this week.

Exhibit A: The Dolby Institute is hosting ‘Last Days in the Desert: The Art of Sound Design and Music’, a panel that will look at Rodrigo Garcia’s film starring Ewan McGregor as Jesus and Satan, on January 27.

Dolby has awarded the film its Dolby Family Sound Fellowship, which “provides a range of postproduction resources to allow the fellowship recipient to fulfill the creative potential of the film’s sound design.” A Dolby press release states that the filmmakers “did a great job capturing the on-site soundscape of the desert,” and that the film was chosen partly for its “complex canvas and nuanced characters.”

The panel will be moderated by Glenn Kiser, director of the Dolby Institute, and it will feature Garcia as well as the film’s composers and two of its sound mixers.

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