Exclusive: The Case for Christ author Lee Strobel on facts and feelings, and seeing your life turned into a movie


Lee Strobel was an atheist and a hotshot journalist — publishing his first book, about the Ford Pinto trial, when he was 28 — when his life hit a roadbump he hadn’t expected: his wife became an evangelical Christian.

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Box office: Captain America has the fifth-best opening ever


To no one’s surprise, Captain America: Civil War conquered the box office this week with one of the biggest first weekends in North America ever.

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Box office: Disney rules the box office with The Jungle Book in North America and Captain America overseas


The Jungle Book has reached the top, and it won’t stop — the “live-action” remake of Disney’s 1967 cartoon was the top draw at the box office for its third consecutive week, earning more this weekend than all the new releases combined.

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Box office: Winter but no Christmas for The Huntsman, and Zootopia becomes the 8th-biggest animated film worldwide


There was good news and bad news for Chris Hemsworth this week.

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Box office: The Jungle Book exceeds expectations, while Barbershop: The Next Cut underperforms slightly


Disney got more than the bare necessities at the box office this week.

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Box office: Melissa McCarthy beats Batman, while Zootopia becomes one of the top ten animated films in North America


It was Batman vs. Superman vs. Melissa McCarthy at the box office this week.

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