Watch: The first full trailers for the new Of Kings & Prophets


It’s been a bumpy road for Bible-themed TV shows lately.

The New Testament-themed A.D. The Bible Continues was cancelled after just one season last year, thanks to its falling ratings, and the Old Testament-themed Of Kings & Prophets had to scrap its original pilot episode and start over from scratch.

But now that second pilot is upon us, and the ABC network has released a new trailer in advance of the series’ premiere. In it, we find the young shepherd David caught between a jealous king, a predatory queen and a prophet of uncertain motives — and we get a taste of his looming confrontation with a certain Philistine giant.

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Watch: New teaser for Of Kings & Prophets, plus new photos and an “historical introduction” to the biblical series


With Of Kings and Prophets set to premiere just two months from now, the ABC network is stepping up its publicity campaign. In the last two weeks they have released a 15-second teaser, several new photos, and a press release that explains how the battles depicted in this series are “an origin story” for the conflicts that currently bedevil the Middle East. You can check all those things out below the jump.

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Watch: The first trailer for Of Kings and Prophets


The first trailer for Of Kings and Prophets — the ABC series about Saul, David and Samuel — is here, and it’s got some of the expected biblical violence (Goliath, Amalekites, etc.) as well as some of the rumoured biblical sex (Saul has a concubine, while David seems to be having an affair with Saul’s wife).

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Goliath, the Amalekites and more are revealed in new photos from the set of Of Kings and Prophets


Some new photos have surfaced from the set of Of Kings and Prophets, the TV pilot about Saul, David and Samuel that is currently being shot in South Africa.

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Review: David and Goliath (dir. Tim Chey, 2015)


Note from Peter T. Chattaway: David and Goliath opened in 31 theatres in the United States this weekend, where it reportedly earned about $161,000. My friend Martin Stillion offered to review the film for this blog. Here is what he had to say:

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Watch: The first trailer for next year’s David and Goliath

vlcsnap-2014-09-21-22h04m03s56It finished shooting only two months ago, but Tim Chey’s David and Goliath already has a trailer — and it has even had a “red-carpet premiere”, months before its intended release date in April 2015.

According to the movie’s website, the film was screened for potential investors at the Zanuck Theatre on the 20th Century Fox lot in Los Angeles last Thursday.

Why does the film still need investors if it’s already finished? Because it doesn’t have a distributor, and Chey wants to get the film into a thousand theatres when it opens next year. He is currently hoping to raise $5 million towards that end.

And that’s where the trailer comes in. Check it out below the jump.
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