New Noah trailer looks at Noah’s sons and daughter-in-law

Another day, another Noah trailer. This one focuses on Noah’s relationships with his son Ham and his adopted daughter-in-law Ila, and it also focuses on Ila’s relationship with Shem. As always, you can check out the trailer and the new images below the jump.

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Take a look at how the Noah team built the Ark

We’ve seen a number of trailers and TV spots for Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Now it’s time for the featurettes, the first of which — released today — shows how the filmmakers built the Ark. It features a bit of new footage from the film and a few new lines of dialogue, so, as ever, you can check ’em all out below the jump, along with some other new videos and links to things like a virtual tour of the Ark, etc.

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Aronofsky talks interfaith filmmaking, test screenings, etc.

And the interviews keep on coming! In a week already brimming with new information about Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, The Hollywood Reporter has posted a major article on the making of the film that includes some great new quotes from Aronofsky himself.

The article is full of interesting information about the film and the friction that did exist at one point between the studio and the director (who, incidentally, turns 45 today), and it’s worth a read in its entirety (though one or two things it mentions could be considered spoilers). But here are some spoiler-free highlights:
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Noah novelization to highlight the Emma Watson character

This information has been out there for a few weeks now, but it somehow didn’t catch my eye until today: Two novelizations of Darren Aronofsky’s Noah are coming out March 18, ten days before the film’s North American release.

For adults, there is Noah: The Official Movie Novelization, written by Mark Morris, a British horror novelist who has also written several Doctor Who books and audio plays; and for readers aged 12 and up, there is Noah: Ila’s Story, written by Susan Korman, an American children’s author and freelance editor.

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Patti Smith wrote a lullaby for Noah, and other tidbits from the Rolling Stone interview with Darren Aronofsky

Rolling Stone has just posted an interview with Noah director Darren Aronofsky, and one of the more surprising bits of news in there — for me, at least — is the fact that Patti Smith, the “godmother of punk”, wrote a lullaby for the film, which Russell Crowe’s Noah sings to the Emma Watson character (and perhaps also to the younger version of her character?):
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The girl who plays the young Emma Watson in Noah

Emma Watson was 10 years old when production began on the first Harry Potter movie. Now she’s a grown woman, and starring in a film, Noah, that includes scenes of her character when she was a child — and so the filmmakers turned to a girl named Skylar Burke, who turned 10 while the film was in production, to play the young Watson.

With the film due to arrive in theatres just two months from now, Burke was interviewed recently by New Hampshire magazine, and she dropped a few hints about what we might see of her character in the movie — all of which, incidentally, dovetail quite well with what I read in an early draft of the screenplay a few months ago.

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