Noah — new photos and a spoiler-ish blueprint of the Ark

After a year and then some of giving us almost nothing in the way of imagery from Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, the studio has turned quite generous these last few weeks. In addition to the four trailers released so far (which admittedly overlap quite a bit in terms of the footage they contain), the studio is also releasing new stills and has even released a blueprint of the Ark (which, incidentally, appears to reveal a plot point or two).

You can look at the photos below the jump, and — if you don’t mind a spoiler or two — you can head on over to the Entertainment Weekly website to look at that blueprint. Don’t worry, though; I won’t include anything spoiler-ish in this post here.

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Noah — the Japanese trailer is now online

Another day, another Noah trailer!

Today’s specimen comes from Japan and, while it’s mostly a 92-second remix of the other trailers that have come out over the last few weeks, it does feature a few new shots. Check ’em out below the jump.

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The Noah trailers: a shot-by-shot analysis

It can be fascinating to see how the same movie is marketed to different audiences. Is Noah a family man of prayer, as the trailers that have played at various church conferences suggest? Or is he an action hero who wields weapons in self-defense, as the just-released international trailer suggests? Well, in Darren Aronofsky’s hands, he appears to be both — and that’s just one of several fascinating ways in which the trailers for Noah are sending different signals to their various markets.

What follows is a shot-by-shot analysis of the two trailers that were released today, focusing primarily on the North American trailer, but continuing with some screen-caps from the international trailer and a note about the elements in the church-conference trailers that were not included in these new trailers.

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The first officially released footage from Noah is here!

We live in an age when studios don’t just release teasers and trailers for their movies, they also release sneak previews of the teasers and trailers themselves. And so it came to pass that, today, the Entertainment Tonight website released an 18-second clip from the trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, the full version of which will apparently premiere on the show tomorrow.

The puzzling thing is, the website might have un-released the preview, too. Their search engine says it should be viewable here, but every time I try to go to that URL, I get redirected to their home page and there is a “page not found” message in the new URL.

However, the embed code that various other sites are using still seems to work, so you can watch the preview for yourself below the jump (warning: you may or may not first have to watch an ad that may or may not be longer than the preview itself).

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Six new images from Darren Aronofsky’s Noah (updated)

Finally, new images from Darren Aronofsky’s Noah!

We’ve seen a few behind-the-scenes shots already — images of the Ark and pictures of the crew tweeted by the director and his cinematographer, plus any number of unofficial shots of actors wandering around in costume — but until now, there has been almost nothing in the way of images released by the studio. Indeed, I can think of only one: a photo of Russell Crowe in character that was released ten months ago.

But now, with the big-budgeted movie’s release only nine months away — it’s due to come out March 28 next year — Paramount Pictures is finally beginning to roll out some more publicity materials, starting with some footage that was shown at CineEurope in Barcelona yesterday.

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Anthony Hopkins to play Methuselah in Aronofsky’s Noah

Darren Aronofsky has been talking about making a movie about Noah and the Flood for so long, I actually mentioned it several times at this blog before I went on my two- or three-year hiatus (most recently here, back in December 2008).

But in the past year or so — following the critical, box-office and awards success of Black Swan — Aronofsky has been making his dream a reality, with A Beautiful Mind co-stars Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly set to play Noah and his wife, plus Douglas Booth as Shem, Logan Lerman as Ham, Ray Winstone as Noah’s “nemesis” and Emma Watson as “Ila, a young woman who develops a close relationship with Noah’s son, Shem.” (Is she any relation to the Ila of Hindu tradition whose father, Manu, “saved mankind from the universal flood“? We shall see.)

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