Noah news round-up: the studio executives speak, what it all might mean for other Bible movies, and early Oscar buzz?

So, Noah had a great first weekend in North America and many other territories. How did it do so well? What are the film’s prospects going forward? And what does this bode for other possible Bible movies?

First, Paramount vice chairman Rob Moore — who attends a Vineyard church in Los Angeles — has given a few interviews commenting on how his studio beat some of the controversy that some people had whipped up in the months leading up to the film’s release.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said a key “turning point” came when the studio openly admitted that the film was “inspired by” the Bible story but was not a “literal” version of it, whatever that would mean. He also commented on how the film has been received by different communities:
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Noah news round-up: snubs from church leaders, props from Christians who have seen the film, and more

The European promo tour for Darren Aronofsky’s Noah soldiers on. Following the film’s Berlin premiere on Thursday, the filmmakers went to Madrid for another premiere tonight, while Russell Crowe attended his first Noah premiere at the other end of Europe, in Moscow; he had missed the previous events because he was shooting a movie in Turkey.

Alas, the European tour has already encountered one hiccup of sorts: Variety reported today that the Vatican has cancelled tentative plans for a photo op that would have featured Pope Francis and a few of the filmmakers, including Crowe and Aronofsky.

Crowe, via Twitter, had been openly asking the Pope to screen the film for a few weeks now, and the Vatican reportedly gave the idea enough consideration to set some time aside for a meeting on Wednesday; but they eventually decided against it because Crowe’s presence would be too distracting to the Vatican’s other visitors.

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Noah news round-up: new interviews, new op-ed pieces, new poster, and another book on the way

Several new articles about Darren Aronofsky’s Noah — including interviews with the filmmakers and op-ed pieces by people who have seen the film — have popped up since the last round-up. The film also has a new IMAX poster, which you can see to the right.

The biggest new interview is this one in the Los Angeles Times, apparently filed by John Horn from the film’s world premiere in Mexico City last Monday.

In it, Horn says the film is “one of the most overtly spiritual movies any big Hollywood studio has made in years,” adding that, “even if Crowe has the lead role, the real star of the movie is the concept of original sin.”

While Horn, it seems to me, sensationalizes a few things — while Jerry Johnson, the head of the National Religious Broadcasters, did persuade Paramount to add a disclaimer to some of the film’s marketing materials, I don’t recall hearing that he ever threatened to boycott the film, for example — he also gets some interesting quotes from Aronofsky himself. Here are some of the more interesting bits:
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Noah news round-up: Mexico City interviews, an Egyptian debate, a Christian op-ed piece, new profiles, and more

Darren Aronofsky’s Noah was scheduled to have its world premiere in Mexico City tonight, but apparently the director popped down there a day early to speak to the public.

It’s not clear from the reports in Milenio and El Universal whether the actual film was shown yesterday, but apparently Aronofsky told the crowd that he chose Mexico City for the film’s premiere because he visits that country all the time.

Amateur videos of Mexican interviews with Douglas Booth and Logan Lerman, who play two of Noah’s sons, have already popped up on YouTube.

I have not yet found any interviews of Aronofsky himself from Mexico, though NY1 did just post this profile of the director, which looks at his life and career and includes a few video clips that are, alas, available only to Time Warner Cable subscribers.

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Two more op-ed pieces by Christians who have seen Noah

Three men who have actually seen Darren Aronofsky’s Noah took part in a panel discussion of the film at the National Religious Broadcasters convention nine days ago. And now all three men have basically issued ten-point statements responding to the film.

The first to do so was John Snowden, a biblical advisor to the film whose treatise ‘Why People of Faith Can Embrace Noah’ was actually distributed at the event itself before it was posted online a few days later.

The second was Jerry Johnson, who gave Christianity Today a list of five positive things about the movie last week and now, as of yesterday, has provided them with a spoiler-filled list of five negative things about the movie. More on that in a minute.

And the third is Phil Cooke, whose article ‘Should Christians Support the Movie Noah?’ is now up at the Huffington Post. (The HuffPost version of the article is divided into nine points, but the version at Charisma News — which is where I first saw the article — is divided into ten, so it fits the basic pattern here.)

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Noah: a new TV spot, a new magazine article, and one man’s list of five positive things about the film

Another day, another TV spot for Darren Aronofsky’s Noah! This time the TV spot is called ‘Protect’, and it features just a couple new shots, plus a new tagline. As always, you can check them out below the jump, along with some other things that have popped up in the last 24 hours.

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