Watch: A better look at the Devil (and a few spoilers?) in a longer version of the Last Days in the Desert featurette


Two days ago, I mentioned that very little footage from Last Days in the Desert had made its way online. Now I wonder if there might be too much footage out there.

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The outfit behind Silence and the last couple of Malick films acquires the rights to Mark Millar’s American Jesus


Waypoint Entertainment announced today that it has acquired the movie rights to two comics written by Mark Millar — one of which, called American Jesus, concerns a 12-year-old boy who realizes that he is the Second Coming of Christ.

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Watch: The director and co-stars of Last Days in the Desert discuss the film’s themes in a new featurette


Last Days in the Desert premiered at Sundance over a year ago, and its release date is only two weeks away now, but very little footage from the film has made its way online. Heck, it wasn’t until last month that we even got to see a trailer for the film.

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It’s a Her reunion! Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play Jesus opposite Rooney Mara’s Mary Magdalene


Deadline reports that Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play Jesus in Garth Davis’s Mary Magdalene, which has Rooney Mara attached to play the title role.

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Joseph & Mary starring Kevin Sorbo coming this summer

Joseph & Mary key art comp-b

That made-in-Canada movie about Joseph & Mary starring Kevin Sorbo is coming out on DVD this summer — and yes, it turns out Sorbo is playing Joseph himself!

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Watch: Rodrigo Santoro talks about playing Jesus in a new Ben-Hur featurette


The actors who played Jesus in the 1925 and 1959 versions of Ben-Hur not only had to keep their faces hidden from the cameras, they weren’t even acknowledged in the movies’ credits. But the new version of Ben-Hur is putting Jesus front-and-centre — and the actor who plays him now has a 42-second featurette all to himself.

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