Review: About Time (dir. Richard Curtis, 2013)

Poor Rachel McAdams. She just can’t get a man to stay with her in the moment.

Four years ago she was The Time Traveler’s Wife, living her life in a single linear direction while her husband lurched forwards and backwards within their relationship.

Now, in About Time, she’s married to a guy who keeps jumping back in time and making changes to her life: preventing her from meeting the man who became her boyfriend on an earlier timeline, tricking her into thinking that their second or third (and increasingly awesome) time in the sack was actually their first, fine-tuning his marriage proposal until he gets precisely the answer he wants, and so on.

At least this time she’s in a romantic comedy written and directed by Richard Curtis, who is nothing if not a crowd-pleaser. As the writer of Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill, the writer-director of Love Actually, and a scribe on countless British TV shows, he knows a thing or two about keeping the audience entertained.

So entertained, in fact, that in the case of About Time, you can almost forget the awful morality of the film’s main protagonist.

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Review: Jumper (dir. Doug Liman, 2008)

When you think about it, teleportation is a natural subject for the movies. You could even say that filmmakers do it all the time, already: in a typical film, when, say, a character walks out the door, it is often the case that the shot inside the house, of the person walking to his or her exit, was filmed on a soundstage, while the shot outside the house, of that same person stepping onto the sidewalk, might very well have been filmed in another city, or even another country. But these images are generally edited together so seamlessly that you don’t have time to notice.

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