Hellbound? — the article’s up!

My interview with Kevin Miller, the writer-director of the documentary Hellbound? (and a fellow former panelist on the Kindlings Muse Canada West podcasts), is now up at The Georgia Straight.

The film opened in various American cities a few weeks ago, but is only making its Canadian debut this weekend, in the Vancouver area. It will move east to other Canadian cities in the weeks to come.

I was given a fairly tight word count, so I never figured out how to sneak in a reference to the fact that Miller, in addition to his screenwriting, has also dabbled in acting, including a stint as Lex Luthor on Smallville. Ah well, maybe next time.

Kevin Miller questions the existence of hell in Hellbound?

Kevin Miller is no stranger to controversy. The Abbotsford-based writer, who has worked on a number of documentaries (as well as an independent feature or two), butted heads with atheists and evolutionary scientists four years ago as one of the cowriters of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, a locally produced film starring Ben Stein that advocated a form of creationism known as “intelligent design”.

Expelled was celebrated by many figures on the right, but some of Miller’s subsequent films have fallen on very different points of the political and religious spectrums. With God on Our Side, for example, tackled Christian Zionism, and now Miller’s directorial debut, Hellbound? — which opens locally on Friday (October 12) — questions whether or not belief in hell is really all that necessary, even for Christians.

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