Watch: Eight clips from The Gospel of Mark, which comes to DVD and Digital HD next week


The Genesis Project had a word-for-word film adaptation of Luke (and Genesis). The Visual Bible had word-for-word adaptations of Matthew and John (and Acts). But there has never been a word-for-word adaptation of Mark — until now.

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Watch: The first trailer for the Lumo Project’s adaptation of The Gospel of Luke, now available on DVD in the UK


The Lumo Project’s adaptation of The Gospel of Mark may have played in theatres last month, but it is their adaptation of The Gospel of Luke that came out on DVD.

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Cliff Curtis washed his co-stars’ feet while making Risen


We’ve known for some time that Cliff Curtis, who plays the part of Jesus in Risen, took his role very, very seriously. In September 2014, he refused to speak to journalists about one of his other films (he did pass notes, though) because he was in the middle of shooting Risen and he had taken a vow of silence for the duration of the shoot.

Curtis is definitely talking now, though.

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The Lumo Project asks British churches to help with the premiere of the first-ever adaptation of Mark’s gospel


Phase one of The Lumo Project is complete. Now it’s time for phase two.

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Watch: Five featurettes on the making of The Gospel of John


The Lumo Project’s adaptation of The Gospel of John was available online via Netflix for almost a year prior to its DVD release last month. Now you can watch the DVD’s bonus features online too, via The Lumo Project’s official YouTube channel.

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Interview: David Batty (The Gospel of John, 2014)


There have been a few attempts to make complete word-for-word film adaptations of the gospels over the years. In the 1970s, the Genesis Project got as far as completing the book of Luke, while in the 1990s and early 2000s, the Visual Bible produced two very different adaptations of Matthew and John (as well as the book of Acts).

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