Watch: Five featurettes on the making of The Gospel of John


The Lumo Project’s adaptation of The Gospel of John was available online via Netflix for almost a year prior to its DVD release last month. Now you can watch the DVD’s bonus features online too, via The Lumo Project’s official YouTube channel.

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Interview: David Batty (The Gospel of John, 2014)


There have been a few attempts to make complete word-for-word film adaptations of the gospels over the years. In the 1970s, the Genesis Project got as far as completing the book of Luke, while in the 1990s and early 2000s, the Visual Bible produced two very different adaptations of Matthew and John (as well as the book of Acts).

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Exclusive: Two clips on the making of The Gospel of John


The Gospel of John comes to DVD next month, and today Lionsgate released two new clips from the disc’s bonus features, showing how the filmmakers drew out the drama implicit in the text and also how they built first-century Jerusalem in a computer.

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Watch: Jesus breaks the Sabbath and calls God his Father in a new clip from The Lumo Project’s The Gospel of John


The Lumo Project’s word-for-word adaptation of The Gospel of John comes to DVD next month, and the distributor has already released three clips from the film to whet our appetites. Now there’s a fourth, which you can watch below the jump.

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Watch: Three clips and a trailer for The Gospel of John


The Lumo Project’s Gospel of John has been available on Netflix for several months, but for those who don’t subscribe to Netflix — and for those who want a copy that they can watch offline — the film will be coming out on DVD in seven weeks.

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How two word-for-word adaptations of The Gospel of John use bits from the other gospels (and Acts) as well


There aren’t that many word-for-word film adaptations of the Bible out there, but the genre — which got its start with The Genesis Project’s adaptations of Luke and the first half of Genesis in the 1970s — has grown to the point where we now have two very different films based on the same biblical text, namely the gospel of John.

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