Mark Burnett and Roma Downey to produce live Nativity musical


Are live musical versions of popular Bible stories the next big thing?

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Video round-up: New ads for Gods of Egypt and Hail Caesar! New interviews about The Bible and The Young Messiah!


I haven’t got the time or energy right now to write a proper review of the new Star Wars movie, but I’ll try to say something about it soon-ish. In the meantime, here are a few new trailers and interviews re: other films that I’ve been keeping tabs on.

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Watch: Eleven-minute ‘Touring the Sets’ featurette from the upcoming Blu-Ray edition of A.D. The Bible Continues


A.D. The Bible Continues is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray next Tuesday, and I’m happy to say you can get a sneak peek at one of the set’s six bonus featurettes right here.

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War Room is now the top-grossing evangelical movie ever


War Room has set another milestone.

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NBC cancels A.D., show might return online in a year or two


A.D. The Bible Continues is dead for now, but it might get resurrected — online.

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Ben-Hur footage has been revealed — but not online


Now that A.D. The Bible Continues has come to an end, it’s time for Mark Burnett and Roma Downey to promote their next Jesus-movie project. And so it came to pass yesterday that they, along with Paramount chief Rob Moore, brought some clips from their upcoming adaptation of Ben-Hur to Variety magazine’s ‘Purpose Summit’, a gathering of movie types discussing so-called “faith-based” entertainment.

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