A last-minute casting change to Aronofsky’s Noah?

Darren Aronofsky tweeted this morning that Nick Nolte has just been added to the cast of Noah as the voice of Samyaza, one of the Watchers or Nephilim. (In most Jewish literature, the Nephilim are the offspring of the Watchers, but in Aronofsky’s film, they appear to be one and the same.) This is a little concerning, as the character had originally been played by Mark Margolis, an actor who has appeared in every single one of Aronofsky’s previous films. Margolis will still be represented in the film, sort of, as he provided the motion-capture performance that the CGI character is based on. But still, I had assumed his voice would be in the film. Let’s hope this bit of last-minute re-casting hasn’t been imposed on the film by the studio, the way New Line Cinema forced Chris Weitz to replace Nonso Anozie with Ian McKellen as the voice of an armoured bear in The Golden Compass (2007).

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Twelve-foot gods and the environment: actors talk Noah

I had hoped to have a review of Star Trek into Darkness ready to go live this afternoon, but it’s taking longer to write than I expected, so it will have to wait. In the meantime, here’s a brief update on Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, which I haven’t mentioned here in a while.

Empire posted an “exclusive” interview today with Mark Margolis, who has acted in all of Aronofsky’s films and will play “a fallen angel known as Samyaza” in the new film.

Margolis himself calls his character “a 12-foot god”, and although he doesn’t say what his character will do, exactly, in the new movie, he does talk about what it was like to play the character, who will eventually be rendered in CG:
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More photos from the set of Noah, and a new casting clue

We can’t let more than a few weeks go by here without posting something about Darren Aronosky’s Noah, so here’s a link to some photos from the New York set that were posted at On Location Vacations a couple weeks ago.

In these pictures, you can see, among other things, co-stars Logan Lerman (who plays Noah’s son Ham) and Madison Davenport (who plays Ham’s wife Na’el) dressed in somewhat raggedy clothes and covered in a thin layer of dirt. Even more interestingly, perhaps, you can also see what looks like soldiers carrying spears and dressed in antediluvian armour.

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Review: π (dir. Darren Aronofsky, 1998)

It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a good movie, just a good dose of moxie. For proof, look no further than Darren Aronofsky’s brilliant first feature film π, which he shot for a paltry U.S. $60,000, a sum he raised by asking everyone he knew to give him a hundred dollars. The film was an out-of-nowhere success at the Sundance Film Festival last January.

Aronofsky won the best director prize and a distributor snapped up the film for a cool million bucks. It is now in limited release across the continent.

π has something for everyone, at least if you’re a fan of chaos theory, stock markets, techno music, cyberpunk conspiracy thrillers and/or Jewish mysticism. It follows the travails of one Max Cohen (played by co-screenwriter Sean Gullette), a brainy mathematician convinced that there are patterns underlying and determining the course of this seemingly chaotic universe. To test his theory, Max gives his room-sized computer the task of analyzing and predicting developments on Wall Street.

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