Noah news round-up: new interviews, new op-ed pieces, new poster, and another book on the way

Several new articles about Darren Aronofsky’s Noah — including interviews with the filmmakers and op-ed pieces by people who have seen the film — have popped up since the last round-up. The film also has a new IMAX poster, which you can see to the right.

The biggest new interview is this one in the Los Angeles Times, apparently filed by John Horn from the film’s world premiere in Mexico City last Monday.

In it, Horn says the film is “one of the most overtly spiritual movies any big Hollywood studio has made in years,” adding that, “even if Crowe has the lead role, the real star of the movie is the concept of original sin.”

While Horn, it seems to me, sensationalizes a few things — while Jerry Johnson, the head of the National Religious Broadcasters, did persuade Paramount to add a disclaimer to some of the film’s marketing materials, I don’t recall hearing that he ever threatened to boycott the film, for example — he also gets some interesting quotes from Aronofsky himself. Here are some of the more interesting bits:
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