Moses movies — the article’s up! (plus three new videos)

exodus-relevant-23I haven’t fully resolved the computer problems that I mentioned a few days ago, but I did manage to finish an article on Moses movies for Christianity Today. It gives a brief history of films and TV productions that have dramatized the life of Moses going back to 1903, and it looks at some of the key themes that have been explored across those films, including the brand new Exodus: Gods and Kings.

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Watch: Moses before and after his religious conversion in two new clips from Exodus: Gods and Kings

exodus-stable“From an economic standpoint alone, what you’re asking is problematic, to say the least.” That one line of dialogue has probably been quoted in more early reviews of Exodus: Gods and Kings than any other — and now you can hear it for yourself, in one of two new clips from the film that were posted to YouTube today.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings: early reviews are a mixed bunch

exodus-ramses-09With the film set to open in South Korea, Spain, Australia and a few other countries this week, the first reviews of Exodus: Gods and Kings went online today — and they’re a mixed bag, as reviews of Ridley Scott films are wont to be.

One of the recurring themes in these reviews is that the film offers a lot of spectacle but not as much character development as it should — which leads one to wonder if an even longer, better “director’s cut” awaits us, à la Kingdom of Heaven.

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Watch: Exodus: Gods and Kings Thanksgiving commercial

exodus-thanks-01A new TV spot for Exodus: Gods and Kings came out today — and at 90 seconds, it’s really almost a full-fledged movie trailer. It includes a few new action shots and visual effects as well as two new lines of dialogue, so, as always, check it out, along with some screencaps of the new footage, below the jump.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings: new interviews and behind the scenes footage in the electronic press kit

vlcsnap-2014-11-26-12h41m27s105The electronic press kit for Exodus: Gods and Kings is here, and with it, some new behind-the-scenes footage that hints at things we have not yet seen in any of the ads or clips released so far. It also has lots of soundbites from key cast and crew members. Check it out below the jump.

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Watch: Two new Exodus: Gods and Kings videos highlight Ramses’ relationship with his father Seti and with Moses

exodus-ramses-03Another day, another featurette for Exodus: Gods and Kings — and this one, without quite saying so, draws perhaps the closest connection between this film and Gladiator of any video to date.

Note how it focuses on Ramses’ relationship with his father Seti, who thinks Moses would make a better Pharaoh in his place than Ramses, his own flesh and blood. That’s eerily reminiscent of how Marcus Aurelius wanted Maximus to succeed him as the Emperor of Rome rather than his own son Commodus, no?

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