Aaron Paul on playing Joshua and growing up Baptist

Aaron Paul has spent the past few weeks promoting Need for Speed, but along the way he has said a few new things about Ridley Scott’s Exodus, which will feature him as the Hebrew slave-turned-general Joshua. None of the quotes are terribly revealing — and at this point, why should they be? — but they’re amusing and/or interesting just the same.

For one thing, he tells The Hollywood Reporter that making the film “was very exciting because going to set, you just really felt like you were there,” but in an interview with the British newspaper Metro, he allows that there was one thing about this you-were-there-ness that he didn’t really care for: “There was camel poop everywhere. I was walking next to Christian [Bale, who plays Moses] and I just couldn’t stop myself from gagging.” Hmmm. Smell-o-vision, anyone?

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Aaron Paul on Joshua and the size of Ridley Scott’s Exodus

Aaron Paul has started doing publicity for Need for Speed, the car-race movie that opens next month. And along the way he has started to say a thing or two about Ridley Scott’s Exodus and the character he plays within it. Speaking to the website Movies with Butter, Paul said Joshua “is definitely a little bit different than Jesse Pinkman,” the character Paul played on Breaking Bad, but he “also has a lot of inner turmoil, a lot of anger. He’s just ready to fight back.” Comparing the work environments on his two biggest films to date, Paul said Need for Speed was “massive and so much fun, but then you go to a Ridley Scott biblical epic and you’re surrounded by 200 camels and elephants. There may be a couple cheetahs and you’re like what is happening? Everyone looks like they’re walking straight out of the bible. It was epic.” He also commented on the size of the crew: “There’s about 600-700 crew members. It’s impossible to meet everybody. Then you don’t remember if you had met the person and you feel bad.” The film, which stars Christian Bale as Moses, Joel Edgerton as the Pharaoh and Ben Kingsley as Joshua’s father Nun, comes out December 12.