New movie about Samson now shooting in South Africa

This just in: Pure Flix Entertainment sent out a press release today touting a couple of their upcoming releases, including The Case for Christ (which opens tomorrow) and Same Kind of Different as Me (which opens October 20) — and near the end, they mention that they just started shooting a new “biblical epic” about Samson.

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Of Kings and Prophets is still on the air in some countries


Of Kings and Prophets — the series about David, Goliath and other characters from the first book of Samuel — may have been cancelled last month in North America after only two episodes had aired, but it turns out the series is still playing overseas.

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ABC cancels Of Kings and Prophets after just two episodes


Rats. Deadline reports that Of Kings and Prophets — the Saul-and-David-and-Samuel series, which I was really starting to enjoy — has been cancelled after just two episodes. The ABC network had sent copies of the first three episodes to TV critics (including myself), and had even teased that next week’s episode would feature David’s confrontation with Goliath. But now that episode will never air; instead, its timeslot will be taken over by the “reality TV” series Beyond the Tank.

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Of Kings and Prophets producers defend the series against poorly-informed critiques while the ratings slide


The news wasn’t good for Of Kings and Prophets in the ratings last night. The second episode of the Old Testament series — which I thought was an improvement on the first episode — lost over a quarter of its audience from the week before. The episode had only 2.4 million viewers and it got a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

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Of Kings and Prophets — season one, episode two


Season 1, Episode 2 — ‘Let the Wicked Be Ashamed’
I Samuel 16

Editing Samuel. The chronology has been rearranged a tad, but the episode begins and ends with Samuel going to anoint David (I Samuel 16:1-13), and it includes scenes of David playing the harp for Saul and growing closer to him (I Samuel 16:14-23).

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Of Kings and Prophets — season one, episode one


Note: Last year I posted episode-by-episode notes on the sources and themes of A.D. The Bible Continues. I intend to do something similar for Of Kings and Prophets. Be warned: there will be spoilers here. And lots of appreciative nit-picking.

Season 1, Episode 1 — ‘Offerings of Blood’
I Samuel 13-17

Editing Samuel. The series skips past the stories about Samuel’s early life (I Samuel 1-7) and the role he played in making Saul king (I Samuel 8-12). It then cherry-picks bits and pieces from I Samuel 13-17 and rearranges the chronology somewhat.

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