Risen on Blu-Ray: some quick notes on the bonus features


It took a while for my review copy to arrive, but I finally had a chance to check out the bonus features on the Risen Blu-Ray. Here are a few quick thoughts on them.

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Exclusive: Patrick and Paul Aiello on the making of Risen


Risen — which stars Joseph Fiennes as a fictitious Roman officer who goes looking for the missing body of Jesus — is out on DVD and Blu-Ray today. Last week I had a chance to speak to Patrick Aiello, the producer who first started developing the film nearly a decade ago, and his brother Paul, who co-wrote the script.

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Risen and The Young Messiah are coming to Blu-Ray


Risen and The Young Messiah — two movies that take place at opposite ends of Jesus’ earthly life — are still playing in theatres here and there, but the films have basically finished their theatrical runs. That means it’s time for their home video release.

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Review: Risen (dir. Kevin Reynolds, 2016)


The Jesus movies of the past dozen years have followed a trajectory that is almost the complete opposite of their counterparts in the so-called ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood.

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Risen: the producers and director interview round-up


Risen officially opens in theatres tomorrow, but it’s showing in some of them tonight, so it’s time for another interview round-up or two. I have already posted round-ups for co-stars Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton and Cliff Curtis, as well as Affirm Films senior vice president Rich Peluso. This round-up is devoted to the film’s producers, and it also includes a collection of studio-approved soundbites from co-writer/director Kevin Reynolds, who has been curiously absent from the publicity tour for this film.

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Risen dropped a major character “due to time constraints”?


Risen doesn’t come to theatres for another month and a half, but the novelization by Angela Hunt has been out for a couple weeks now — and it reveals that a major character was cut from the movie sometime after it was shot.

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