Flashback: The three versions of Terrence Malick’s The New World, now together in a new Criterion Blu-Ray set


More DVD news: the Criterion Collection has announced that it will release a special edition of Terrence Malick’s The New World this summer that includes all three versions of the film in a single four-disc set — and they will all be in high definition, too, which I believe is a first for the two theatrical versions of the film.

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“Why nooooooooot through cloning?”

Horror filmmakers such as Marcus Nispel and Alexandre Aja have talked in the past about making movies in which someone clones Jesus from the DNA in his blood, but as far as I can tell, those projects never got off the ground. Writer-director Leone Marucci, on the other hand, has a film on this very topic coming out next month, starring Christopher Walken, Christian Slater, Larry King and that girl who played Pocahontas in The New World. The film in question — which frankly doesn’t look all that good — is called The Power of Few and seems to follow several parallel storylines; the stealing of the Shroud of Turin, and the possible extraction of DNA from the bloodstains thereon, might not be all that big a part of the movie as a whole, but the trailer certainly emphasizes those elements.

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The New World a feast for the senses and spirit alike

newworld-pocahontasLOS ANGELES — Terrence Malick movies take a long time to gestate. Malick typically shoots hours and hours of footage, much of it improvised, and he then spends months editing it together. And in a career that goes back 33 years, he has directed only four films: Badlands, Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line and, now, his version of the Pocahontas legend, The New World.

Sometimes the editing continues long after the film has been screened for critics. The New World was about two and a half hours long when it opened in late December for a one-week run in Los Angeles and New York, to qualify for last year’s Academy Awards. But this week, the studio is releasing a somewhat shorter version. And the tweaking doesn’t stop there: some members of the film’s cast say it may be as long as three hours when it is released on DVD.

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