Watch: Risen star Joseph Fiennes meets the Pope in Rome


In Risen, Joseph Fiennes plays a Roman tribune stationed in Palestine who wishes he could go back to Rome. In real life, Fiennes himself went to Rome this week to promote the film, and while he was there he (and his family) met the Pope.

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Watch: A new featurette for Risen, and new TV spots for Of Kings & Prophets and the live musical The Passion


The videos for new Bible-themed movies and TV shows are coming at an increasingly fast clip these days. Here are three that popped up in the last day or two.

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Cliff Curtis washed his co-stars’ feet while making Risen


We’ve known for some time that Cliff Curtis, who plays the part of Jesus in Risen, took his role very, very seriously. In September 2014, he refused to speak to journalists about one of his other films (he did pass notes, though) because he was in the middle of shooting Risen and he had taken a vow of silence for the duration of the shoot.

Curtis is definitely talking now, though.

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Watch: Seven clips from Risen, plus several brief interviews


Risen, the first of several big-screen Jesus movies coming out this year, will be playing at a theatre near you just three weeks from now — and to whet our appetites, the studio has released several new clips from the film. Check ’em out below the jump.

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Exclusive: Risen star Joseph Fiennes on playing doubters and men of faith — sometimes at the same time


Joseph Fiennes burst onto the scene nearly two decades ago in a pair of movies set in Elizabethan times: Elizabeth, in which he played the title character’s lover, and Shakespeare in Love, in which he played the title character himself.

Since then, Fiennes has kept busy in a variety of films, many of them period pieces — and lately, he has starred in a few films about famous Christians, such as the Reformation biopic Luther and the upcoming Eric Liddell film The Last Race.

Next month he’ll be seen in Risen as a Roman officer named Clavius who takes part in the death of Jesus and is then told to find the body after it vanishes from its tomb. Clavius is assisted in his quest by Lucius, a fellow soldier played by Tom Felton (who previously worked with Fiennes’ brother Ralph on the Harry Potter movies).

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Risen: actors, producers discuss changes to the script, and one actor’s vow of silence, in two new profile pieces


I’ve been following the development of Risen ever since it was first announced nine years ago. Now LifeSiteNews has an interview with Affirm Films chief Rich Peluso that seems to confirm some of the theories I’ve had about the film’s development.

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