Jesus gets a digital tummy-tuck


Yesterday I updated my post on movie depictions of the Crucifixion to include a couple of films that have come out since the last update, and along the way, I decided to replace one of the images from Risen.

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Ben-Hur earns $900,000 in Thursday-night previews


Ben-Hur may have had the worst reviews of the year’s three main Jesus movies, but it outdid the other two at the box office, at least, when it came to theatres last night.

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Win a copy of Risen (with bilingual packaging!) on Blu-Ray!

risen-bluray-bilingual-aSo, a few days ago I took a big step that I’ve been thinking of taking for some time now, and I created my own Facebook page — not a private account like the one I use for my friends and whatnot, but a public account for posting various news links and brief thoughts that don’t seem immediately blog-able to me. Sort of an in-between space, you might say, between my generally pithy Twitter account and the longer stuff I do here at this blog. And to mark the occasion, I’m giving away a copy of Risen on Blu-Ray (and Digital), courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Click here for details.

Risen on Blu-Ray: some quick notes on the bonus features


It took a while for my review copy to arrive, but I finally had a chance to check out the bonus features on the Risen Blu-Ray. Here are a few quick thoughts on them.

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Watch: A traumatized Roman gives a first-hand account of the Resurrection in one of the best scenes from Risen


Risen came out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week, and to mark the occasion, the studio has released a new clip from the film — and it’s one of the film’s best scenes.

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Exclusive: Patrick and Paul Aiello on the making of Risen


Risen — which stars Joseph Fiennes as a fictitious Roman officer who goes looking for the missing body of Jesus — is out on DVD and Blu-Ray today. Last week I had a chance to speak to Patrick Aiello, the producer who first started developing the film nearly a decade ago, and his brother Paul, who co-wrote the script.

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