Ridley Scott discusses skepticism and the “magic in science fiction” in a new Exodus: Gods and Kings featurette

exodus-epic-05Another day, another video promo for Exodus: Gods and Kings — and this one’s actually quite interesting, because it addresses the question of Moses’ beliefs head-on. Even better, director Ridley Scott — himself an avowed atheist or agnostic — seems willing to accommodate some of the more supernatural elements in the story, and he seems to want his audience to be open to that too.

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Meet the 11-year-old boy who speaks for God when Moses sees the burning bush in Exodus: Gods and Kings

isaacandrewsBack in February, it was reported that Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings would feature “an unconventional depiction of God”. Now we have a better idea of what that report was talking about.

The Hollywood Reporter says Isaac Andrews, an 11-year-old who recently played a young Thracian prince in Hercules, appears in Exodus as a boy named Malak who “meets Moses in front of a burning bush” and “reappears thereafter to guide and debate Moses, who soon realizes the child is speaking as God.”

This is a striking departure from previous Moses movies, which have usually depicted God as a disembodied voice that is often provided by the actor playing Moses himself. But there is actually a biblical precedent for giving God and Moses a go-between like this.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings: new footage of Moses, Ramses and Zipporah in a featurette on the 3D photography

exodus-3d-11Exodus: Gods and Kings isn’t the first Bible movie to be released in 3D — Darren Aronofsky’s Noah was released in that format in some foreign markets — but it is the first Bible movie to be shot in 3D, so it makes sense that there is now a featurette (first posted at Entertainment Focus) that focuses on Ridley Scott’s decision to shoot the film in that format. And, as luck would have it, the featurette includes at least thirteen new shots from the film itself. Check ’em all out below the jump.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings: a new poster, Sigourney Weaver on wanting to kill Moses, costume designs, and more

exodusgodsandkings-dutchTime to round up some Exodus: Gods and Kings bits.

First up, Flicks and Bits has this poster for the film’s Dutch release, which will apparently take place on December 18 — fifteen days after the film opens in South Korea, and six days after it opens in North America. It’s not a great poster, but it’s less lame than some of the other ones we’ve seen. (One of the most recent posters, which seems to show Moses and Ramses fighting each other even though they aren’t even looking at each other, is particularly strange.)

Second, Sigourney Weaver was interviewed by her old friend (and Dave co-star) Kevin Kline for Gotham magazine, and along the way she drops a few hints about how Queen Tuya, her character in Exodus, tries to influence her son Ramses:
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Ridley Scott reveals a new plot detail in a new Exodus video

exodus-ridleyclipThe Facebook page for Exodus: Gods and Kings released a new video of Ridley Scott discussing the movie and how he came to make it today, and along the way he mentions a plot element that I hadn’t heard anyone mention before.

Specifically, he says that the purpose of the plagues is to “turn the population against Ramses, because it can only be the population [that] will make Ramses toe the line,” and that a “revolution” starts when the people raid the granaries and are shot at by Ramses’ archers.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings: new posters, new photos!

exodusgodsandkings-poster1Exodus: Gods and Kings opens overseas in just a little over a month — the IMDb says South Korea will get it on December 3, which means it will be playing there when it’s still December 2 in North America — so it’s time for some new posters, to replace the somewhat tacky ones that were released back in July.

Total Film has also published a new set-visit report in their December 2014 issue, and it comes with a handful of new photos as well. The article mostly repeats what we’ve heard before — Christian Bale was very funny off-camera, Joel Edgerton wasn’t sure he was right for the part of Ramses at first, etc. — but it does include one new, potentially controversial statement from Bale, to add to the one I quoted yesterday: “[Moses is] a freedom fighter, absolutely. And he’s a terrorist as well. This is a man of absolute extremes.”

You can check out all the new images below the jump.

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