Noah: possibly “psycho”, definitely not “benevolent”

This blog has spent quite a bit of time speculating on the broad narrative contours of Darren Aronofsky’s Noah: What mix of biblical and apocryphal texts will it use? Which characters will it include? What connections will it have to the flood mythologies of other religions, such as Hinduism?

But one thing I haven’t looked at much is how the film will depict Noah himself. I have quoted something Aronofsky said six years ago — long before the movie was in active development — about Noah being a “dark, complicated character” with lots of “survivor’s guilt”. But that’s been about it.

Now we have some new insight into the character, courtesy of Russell Crowe, who told Entertainment Tonight recently (while promoting Man of Steel) that the Noah he plays will not be the “benevolent” figure that some viewers might expect:
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