Sam Worthington walks with God in the poster for The Shack


A couple days late to this, but better late than never. Lionsgate has released a poster for The Shack, Stuart Hazeldine’s upcoming adaptation of the best-selling novel about a grieving father who is visited by the three Persons of the Trinity.

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Mel Gibson’s conscientious-objector movie gets an awards season release date, while The Shack moves to Lent


Looks like there will be one less Jesus movie this year.

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Brazil’s biggest home-grown box-office hit could be a Bible epic about Moses, re-edited from a local TV series


Two years ago, five episodes from The Bible miniseries were re-edited into a theatrical film called Son of God. It was, as far as I can tell, the first time a North American TV series had been re-released on the big screen since the rise of home video, and the film did decent business at the box office — about on par with a successful indie film.

That was nothing compared to what’s happening right now in Brazil.

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The Shack moves its release date from August to November


The Shack has blinked.

The film version of William P. Young’s novel was originally set to come out on August 12 — but then, a few months ago, another movie based on a best-selling novel that features Jesus as a supporting character, i.e. Ben-Hur, claimed that date.

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Battle of the Jesus movies? Paramount bumps Ben-Hur to a weekend in August that was already claimed by The Shack


Well this is interesting. Paramount Pictures just announced that they will release the new version of Ben-Hur on August 12, 2016, instead of February 26. Barring any further changes, that means the film will now come out on the same day as The Shack, which is also based on a best-selling novel that features Jesus as a character.

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Japanese pop star to play the Holy Spirit in The Shack


The Shack has found its Holy Spirit.

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