Is there a big spoiler in the new Star Trek Beyond TV spot?


So a bunch of Star Trek Beyond reviews went online last Friday, and I read a few of them to get a sense of what the movie would be about. Some of them hinted at a major revelation that comes up late in the film, but they declined to say what it was.

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Watch: A swarm attacks in Star Trek Beyond, and rebel spies battle the Empire in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Today we have clips from two — not one, but two! — upcoming sci-fi franchise films.

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Watch: Meet Rey — er, Jaylah — in a new Star Trek Beyond featurette; plus the first “reviews” are in on Twitter


She’s tough. She fights with a staff. And she’s good at fixing spaceships. If it weren’t for all the striped alien makeup on her, you might confuse her for Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Rey. But instead, her name is Jaylah, and she is one of the main new characters introduced in Star Trek Beyond, which opens next Thursday.

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Watch: Scotty meets Jaylah in a clip from Star Trek Beyond, plus a few new TV spots and London premiere footage


Star Trek Beyond has now had two premieres — one in Australia and one in the UK — and there still aren’t any reviews online. We do, however, have a new clip, in which Scotty meets the brand new character Jaylah (played by Kingsman: The Secret Service’s Sofia Boutella) after escaping the destruction of the Enterprise.

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Watch: Idris Elba on being the villain in Star Trek Beyond


The film comes out in ten days and I still don’t have a very clear sense as to what Star Trek Beyond will be about — but one thing we do know is that the big “villain” of this film will be an alien who questions the Federation’s assumptions about itself. This aspect of the movie is teased in a new featurette that went online today.

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Watch: McCoy gives Spock a word of advice about “Earth girls” in the first clip from Star Trek Beyond


The other day, while trying to figure out the relevance of Rihanna’s lyrics to the Star Trek film she had written them for, I speculated that Spock and Uhura might break up in this movie. And, well, what do you know: our first clip from the film seems to depict just that, though without all the layers of angst that Rihanna’s song provides.

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