Review: Kate & Leopold (dir. James Mangold, 2001)

In her latest romantic comedy Kate & Leopold, Meg Ryan plays Kate McKay, a driven marketing executive with no love life who spends all her time looking for ways to sell things, from creamy butter to motion pictures. The first time we see her — well, sort of the first time we see her, but more on that below — she is at a test screening for a ridiculously saccharine movie bearing the all-too-obvious title Love For Sale. At one point, Kate argues with the film’s producers over changes to the story that could help it to sell more tickets, and when the director asks if her formulaic suggestions bear any resemblance to her own real life, she protests, “I’m not the protagonist in a major motion picture!” But of course, Kate is the protagonist in Kate & Leopold, and despite some quirky story ideas, this film is ultimately as predictable and calculating as any of the movies she may have marketed.

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