Noah on Blu-Ray: some quick notes on the bonus features

noah-target-aThe Noah Blu-Ray is here — and with it, a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff that we have never seen before. Here are some quick notes on the bonus features.

First, a reminder that different editions of the film come with different bonus features.

As far as I know, seven bonus features have been released one way or another so far, and all of them are available on the “exclusive” Target edition of the Blu-Ray. (The bilingual packaging on the disc I bought here in Canada listed only six bonus features, but the actual disc had all seven.) But only three of them are available on the Blu-Ray that is available everywhere else.

Also, three bonus features are apparently included if you purchase the film directly from iTunes (if you use iTunes to get the free “digital copy” that comes with your disc, you won’t get any bonus features, just the film), but one of the iTunes bonus features is actually from the Target disc and not from the regular Blu-Ray.

Confused yet? I’ll try to sort it all out below.

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Aronofsky’s Noah: the poem that started it all is now online!

Variety has a story on Vera Fried, the now-retired teacher who inspired Darren Aronofsky to write an award-winning poem about Noah shortly before his 13th birthday. She attended the New York premiere of Aronofsky’s film last night, and she makes a few amusing comments about how he tracked her down years later, and how he seemed to have lost his knack for good punctuation in the interim.

She also reveals that she actually has two scenes in the film — one with Russell Crowe, which has been public knowledge for at least six weeks, and another one in which she plays one of the floating corpses, presumably in Noah’s vision of the Flood.

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