Miles Teller to lend his voice to a Noah’s Ark cartoon


Various sites are reporting that Miles Teller, of Whiplash and Divergent fame, will be voicing the main character in an animated film about Noah’s Ark.

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Walter Salles to co-produce Noah’s Ark cartoon in Brazil

Now that the apocalyptic version of Noah’s story has come and gone, filmmakers can get back to plotting more conventional animated versions of the story, versions that emphasize humour, cute animals and other kid-friendly things.

Variety reports that Walter Salles, the Brazilian director of acclaimed films like Central Station (1998) and The Motorcycle Diaries (2004), is going to co-produce a new animated version of the Noah story to be written and directed by Sergio Machado. The film will be based on the work of Brazilian poet Vinicius de Moraes.

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Review: The Motorcycle Diaries (dir. Walter Salles, 2004)

For years, Ernesto “Che” Guevara has been more of a symbol than a man — but a symbol of what, exactly, is hard to say. The Latin American revolutionary, who helped bring Fidel Castro to power in Cuba in 1959 and died at the hands of the Bolivian army in 1967, is still revered for his Marxist politics in some quarters, but for many people, he is little more than the model for that famous image which can now be seen on everything from T-shirts to pop bottles: Framed by a beard and a beret, Che’s face seems to stare, romantically but determinedly, into a future where things have been made better. [Read more…]

Review: Central Station (dir. Walter Salles, 1998)

Brazil has some of the most heavily populated cities in the world. It is also currently home to one of the largest religious revivals in the world. Central Station, the new film from Brazilian director Walter Salles, tells a familiar story — an old, cynical woman finds herself looking after a young boy and, in the process, she learns how to open her heart — but it makes use of its setting in an original and thoughtful way.

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