Exodus: Gods and Kings: coming to Blu-Ray in March, plus new behind-the-scenes photos


Exodus: Gods and Kings reached two milestones today.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings video round-up: several TV spots and an eleven-hour (!) video of the burning bush

exodus-moses-redseaIt’s been a while since I posted any videos for Exodus: Gods and Kings, but the studio has released several new TV spots, most of which feature new footage of Moses’ family, Mount Sinai, Moses tossing his sword into the Red Sea, and so on. The studio has also released what I can only assume is one of the more bizarre promotional videos ever, in the form of an eleven-hour shot of the burning bush displaying the entire Book of Exodus. Check ’em out below the jump.

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Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings (dir. Ridley Scott, 2014)

exodus-DF-02770Early on in Exodus: Gods and Kings, there’s a scene in which Moses, who is still an Egyptian prince oblivious to his Hebrew heritage, confronts an Egyptian viceroy named Hegep, who is supposed to be building a new city for the Pharaoh but seems to have diverted some of the funds towards his own luxurious lifestyle. Hegep tries to deflect Moses’ attention by pointing to the troublesome Hebrew slaves, and says he needs more resources to deal with them. As proof of how rebellious these Hebrews are, Hegep says, “Do you know what ‘Israelite’ means in their own language? ‘He who fights with God’.” An annoyed Moses replies, “‘He who wrestles with God’. There’s a difference.”

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Watch: Exodus: Gods and Kings Thanksgiving commercial

exodus-thanks-01A new TV spot for Exodus: Gods and Kings came out today — and at 90 seconds, it’s really almost a full-fledged movie trailer. It includes a few new action shots and visual effects as well as two new lines of dialogue, so, as always, check it out, along with some screencaps of the new footage, below the jump.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings: complete soundtrack now online, plus a new featurette on the character of Moses

exodusgodsandkings-141110Last night, I posted a link to a track from the Exodus: Gods and Kings soundtrack. Today, I’ve got something even better: the entire score, which is available for streaming via the German website Cinema Musica, but only until December 1. Check it out while you can.

In other news, the British Board of Film Classification has given the film a 12A rating, and it reveals that the film is 150 minutes and 3 seconds long. That would make it the fourth-longest theatrical release of Ridley Scott’s career, behind American Gangster, Gladiator and 1492: Conquest of Paradise, the longest of which was only seven minutes longer than Exodus.

The film itself was screened for the Screen Actors Guild in New York last week, and it will screen again in Los Angeles tomorrow. No formal reviews have popped up yet, but individuals who attended the New York screening are already raving about it.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings: a new clip from the film, and a new featurette gets into the religious significance of the story

exodus-relevant-15Three weeks before the film comes out in North America, the makers of Exodus: Gods and Kings are finally zeroing in on the religious audience. A new feaurette posted by Relevant magazine features quite a few new shots of Moses during the later, shaggy-haired prophet phase of his life, and it even gives us our first look at the Hebrews smearing blood on their doorposts during the first Passover.

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