….But You Eat Ham, Right?

So, my mom called me the other day. The conversation unfolded like this:

Mom: “Hey, I have a question for you.”


“Do you eat ham? ”

My mind immediately jumped to my inner desire to go vegan. How’d she know? I backtracked…better ask why.

Me: “Um yeah, I eat ham. The kids like it too…..why?”

“Oh, we were trying to decide between ham and turkey for Christmas and since you were converting to Judaism we wondered if you were eating ham.”

…aha. So we went from not talking about the rejecting-Christ thing to slow acceptance. Cool!

I did tell my Mom that I appreciated her consideration and that I do still eat pork on occasion. What struck me as more odd is that she was concerned about the ham at a dinner on a holiday whose origin and festivities center around celebrating the birth of a deity I didn’t believe in.

Like…. really. It didn’t even cross her mind. Which doesn’t surprise me, because it’s not uncommon for those in the majority to not understand a minority point of view. It’s just interesting that the food is what is thought of.

This will be the first Christmas that I won’t do much at home. The kids will get a few gifts, sure. And we’ll see family . But no tree, and no MERRY CHRISTMAS! or Christmas songs or anything else. I am not Christian; its not my holiday.

I will say that it’s relieving to not have to feel guilty because I can’t give everyone amazing gifts, or buy tons of decorations, or go to church with people to make them feel good. I can enjoy the winter for winter’s sake, and watch everyone else hustle and bustle.

It’s kind of nice. So yeah…I eat ham… for now.

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Lynn Hall (Swayze) is a an IT professional and mother of four. She was raised Southern Baptist, but began questioning her faith before she became a teenager. She is currently converting to Judaism. Email her at lynnmariehall {at} outlook {dot} com, or connect on Facebook or @Following_Ruth or @SQLLynn.