Rabbi to Lead Unitarian Universalist Congregation…thoughts?

I recently saw this article on the Huffington Post:

Q&A With Rabbi Set to Lead a Unitarian-Universalist Congregation

She says, in response to a question about whether Rabbis should only serve the Jewish people:

I am so glad you asked this. In part, I agree. Where we disagree is about (a) whether all rabbis should focus on only Jewish people and (b) what it means to serve the Jewish people. I have long been a servant for people of all backgrounds – that is part of my vocation. By being in the world, trying to be the best, most loving exemplar I can be to all people, I believe I am fulfilling my mission as a rabbi and by extension serving the well-being and fate of the Jewish people by building loving bridges. In my heart I believe this calling is my basheret [meant to be]. It is not every rabbi’s call to sojourn in this way, and that is healthy: diversity is necessary in every living system. As Reb Zalman might say, the liver shouldn’t be trying to convince the heart to be a liver. We all have a function in creating a vibrant system. I am excited and delighted to serve this new community.

I find this interesting. The Unitarian Universalists are very open in their faith; they are generally interfaith denominations anyway, with many communities allowing pagans to join too. So it is a faith-based community without single-minded dogma beyond caring for others, caring for the world, peace, and social justice.

Sounds a bit like tikkun olam to me.

And while I don’t fundamentally agree that one can be both Christian and Jewish, I do think that the effort to connect is a good thing. And she’s a female rabbi…. cool stuff. The feminist in me is a little excited.

What do you think?

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