Kindness While Pursuing Justice

This past week, my social feeds has been inundated with stories and commentary about county clerk and evangelical Christian Kim Davis. In this case, Davis has decided to martyr herself by denying marriage licenses to gay couples, and is now in contempt of court for it because she continues to refuse to do her job.I've seen a lot of posts and articles making fun of her. Yes, she's had four marriages and is in other ways being a bit hypocritical. Absolutely. Yes, she dresses frumpy and seems t … [Read more...]

Fundamentalism / Seeing What We Want

I am converting to Judaism. I have wanted to since I was a child and the desire has only grown as I have aged. It's where my soul belongs, and that's really the bottom line. If I were to strip away the intellectual side, and my experiences with Christianity (which have, despite some of my statements, been positive at times), and my experiences with other Christians, I would still have a strong inner desire to be with the Jewish people. The Torah has always felt right to me. It is my … [Read more...]

The Things You’d Never Have Told Ruth

Nearly everyone who has read the Bible has heard of the story of Ruth. It's a lovely story, and has a good narrative. Ruth's story is both a romance and the epitome of the convert's story. The story goes like this:Naomi has a husband and two sons. They move out of Israel for better economic conditions.Her sons marry non-Jewish women.Her sons and her husband all pass away. The sons and their new wives don't yet have children.Naomi decides to return home to Israel. She tells both … [Read more...]