On Idolatry

By Alexei LaushkinA few years ago I started¬†a series on idolatry¬†that I never finished. My original post generated responses from both friends and enemies. At the time I was too shocked by the level of response to continue the series. I had seen too many controversies visa via creation care to continue writing on the topic so I abruptly stopped.Modern idolatry is hard to write about, because idolatry is a matter of personal practice as much as anything else. Idolatry gets to t … [Read more...]

God’s Rest Marks

by Chuck Summers"Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." "JesusI'm embarrassed to admit it but one of the areas of spirituality and Creation Care that I fail at miserably is the consistent practice of th   used through flickr creative commons by Photo Phiende Sabbath. You might think that this would not be a problem for someone who is a pastor but for me it truly is. I know that the Bible calls for Sabbath rest for both man and beast, and I am … [Read more...]