BREAKING: TLC Pulls 19 Kids And Counting Off The Air

19 Kids and Counting won’t be in your evening lineup tonight. The Raw Story is now reporting that TLC has indefinitely pulled the show from their lineup- including repeat broadcast episodes, over reports of Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse of multiple girls, and the ensuing cover-up by the family. There is no word on whether or not [Read More…]

For The Good Of The Global Church, Mark Driscoll Should Resign

I don’t know about you, but truth be told, I’m exhausted from all things Mark Driscoll. In fact, I’ll be happy if this is the last post that I ever write about him. For the past few years, there has been a never ending flood of Driscoll news and scandals that got to the point [Read More…]

Christianity Today, Church Rape, And Why We Still Don’t Get It #TakeDownThatPost

Sexual abuse in the church is a serious issue, and one that for far too long, has been swept under the rug and quickly dismissed. Abusers have too often been quickly restored only to prey again, victims have been marginalized, and criminal behavior has been justified.

Now, with the Leadership Journal, we’re seeing it again– and we should be appalled. As if the original publication of the story didn’t demonstrate this, the complete lack of repentance and refusal to remove the story from the journal ought be further evidence of how badly we still don’t get it. [Read more…]