Frank Schaeffer Interviews Benjamin L. Corey: Undiluted

On Tuesday I once again had a chance to spend some time with my friend, Frank Schaeffer, at his home in Massachusetts. While last time we sat down to talk about his book, Why I’m An Atheist Who Believes in God, this time we switched roles and he interviewed me about my soon to be [Read More…]

Fight Human Trafficking in The Dominican & Start an Undiluted Journey!

Human trafficking is estimated to be the second largest criminal enterprise in the modern world. This modern slavery is legal no where, yet practiced everywhere– and exists in many forms. Sex trafficking, labor trafficking… people bought and sold as if they were a product to own instead of a child of God. As many know, [Read More…]

Time To Help Me Name A Book Again…

With just a matter of weeks before Undiluted is released, you’re about to begin hearing about Undiluted… a lot! However, in this business, putting out books means you’re always working ahead– which means I’m part-way into writing a book that is going to hit stores in August of 2015. When I first had the original [Read More…]

Here’s Your Chance To Win An Advanced Copy of Undiluted!

Okay friends– last week we didn’t have the chance to play “Where in the World is Ben Corey” because of access to internet issues, but I still want to give you a chance to become an advanced reader of Undiluted. The book doesn’t come out until August, and to date there are probably less than [Read More…]

Help Me Pick a Cover for: “Undiluted– rediscovering the radical message of Jesus”

That’s right folks– we officially have a name, and book cover options! Thanks to all who voted and gave suggestions for the book name– the final choice that my friends at Destiny Image Publishers and I decided upon was “Undiluted: rediscovering the radical message of Jesus”. I think it’s the perfect title for what this [Read More…]

I’m Writing a Book– and the publisher wants YOUR help in naming it!

That’s right– I’m happy to announce that this week I have signed a book deal with my new friends over at Destiny Image Publishers to write a book that is currently scheduled to be released in August of 2014! I am beyond excited about this opportunity, and am humbled to add a progressive, Anabaptist voice [Read More…]