Women Shouldn’t Say Amen in Church? (Putting the “Mental” in Fundamentalist)

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Steven Anderson is at it again. If you don’t know who he is, I rank him near the top of the list of most obnoxious fundamentalists ever. He’s the guy who says he carries his wife around the house each morning to prove that if she doesn’t want to go somewhere he could carry her. [Read More...]

Why I Submit to My Wife (It Honors God)

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“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” – Eph 5:21 Looking back on my life, there are a few days that I’d prefer to forget. One such day was a weekend in November 1998, when I met the woman who’d later become my father’s wife. I was living in Germany at the time, [Read More...]

The Mark Driscoll Scholarship Fund for Women in Ministry


So, the title of this post isn’t a joke… which makes this whole idea infinitely cooler. Yesterday, Shane Claiborne (if you don’t know him, you should) posted this picture to his Facebook. In the caption, he mentions that some of his friends are currently raising money for women in ministry, and actually hope to establish [Read More...]

Hey Ladies: R.C Sproul wants you to cover your head! (and he’s got a whole movement behind him)

The other night, a friend from our adoption small group posted a link on Facebook that practically gave my wife and I palpitations. The link was to the “Head Covering Movement”, which is a new Christian Fundamentalist movement attempting to stave off the movement of gender equality within Christianity. Instead of sticking to traditional fundamentalist [Read More...]