When We’ll Finally Care About Michael Brown

In a news cycle that has been absolutely overrun by sadness and death lately, there’s one death that absolutely, positively, must not be overlooked: the death of an 18-year-old named Michael Brown. Brown was recently walking down the sidewalk chatting with a friend when he was abruptly executed by police in the streets– in full [Read More...]

If You Wouldn’t Ask It About A Boob Job, Don’t Ask It About Adoption

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As an adoptive parent, I’ve heard all the questions. We get it– you don’t mean to offend, but the questions are still rather off-putting and sometimes downright dehumanizing. “She’s not your real kid, is she?” “Wow, she must have been expensive” I’ve heard them all. I usually take the opportunity to re-educate the person asking [Read More...]

Discovering God’s Plan For My Life When I Visited Hell


Three years ago today, my wife and I took a long drive from Lima, Peru to the outskirts of a few desert towns on the western coast of the country. Once we arrived in the obscure town we were destined for, we took a short ride to the backside– past normal civilization, passing gullies filled [Read More...]

Love Isn’t Enough: some things you need to know about adoption

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Adoption is a hot issue in American Evangelicalism, and while rates of international adoption have drastically declined recently, I don’t think a culture of adoption is going anywhere, anytime soon. Since November is National Adoption Month, I wanted to take some time to explore some aspects of adoption– for families thinking about adopting, who have [Read More...]

Learning How to Forgive God (when Jesus wrecks your life)

Shane Claiborne once said: “Jesus wrecked my life”. Conversely, Ray Comfort tells people: “If you trust in God, he will never let you down.” As I look back at the last two years, Shane’s take on things pretty much sums up my life. I don’t know how it is that I’m not on in-patient status, [Read More...]