Trump and the GOP “Pro-Life” Healthcare Abortion

Say you hate everyone but the super rich and wish to redistribute hundreds of billions of dollars from working class people to the Koch brothers, the Trump clan and the founders of Facebook and Google. Say you have no problem with literally killing thousands of people to do so, as long as they are poor. If you are a Republican who loves this idea your dream just came true.The “American Health Care Act” (AHCA)—does just that: squanders lives to fund the Trump clan's tax breaks to themselves an … [Read more...]

Did Trump Organize the Fyre Festival — A Disastrous Failed Luxury “Music Event” — or did the Event’s “Organizer” Billy Mcfarland Become President of the USA?

Take the Fyre Festival -- the disastrous failed luxury “Music Event” story about disappointed rich brat music festival goers -- and the "presidency" of rich brat Donald Trump... and merge them. Here's an oddly entertaining -- and scary -- thought experiment The Trump/Fyre Festival merger (below) is a parable of American decline, hubris and fake "values" that wove money, greed, and a lack of tactile connection to reality, into one bizarre apocalyptic tapestry.I've taken excerpts from a sto … [Read more...]

Trump and the ‘Left Behind’ Evangelicals: How They Were Prepared To Vote for a Fool and (Maybe) Destroy the World

 Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series of sixteen nov­els represents everything that is most deranged about American re­ligion. To understand why Trump became president -- with 81 percent of the white evangelical vote -- you have to understand the importance of these novels and all they represent.Trump didn’t just fall from the sky to become the nominee. White evangelicals made him president. And they have a lot in common with Trump. It's no accident he wound up as the "G … [Read more...]

Free: Read a sample chapter from my new forthcoming book “Letters to Lucy”

 "Letters to Lucy" is a multimedia project I've worked on for 3 years. Now I've teamed up with EJ, a great designer to bring it out as an iBook. We've chosen to publish the book this way because it allows us to show and experience the art, movies, TV and music I speak of. Why the book? Because someone has to try and rebuild our civilization! Look for "Letters to Lucy" in the next few months and click the link below to read, watch and listen to the first chapter FOR FREE on my new … [Read more...]

Do NOT Miss This Explosive NEW Well Made Documentary Exposé of Trump’s Slimiest Alt-Fringe Cohort – Steve Bannon (If you’re Not Horrified You Don’t Have a Heartbeat) WATCH

(Photo YouTube) Steve Bannon is the slimy Alt-Fringe delusional brain behind brain-less and unstable and bizarrely confused Tweeter-Of-Lies "president"  Trump. And Bannon is a certified a right-wing extremist with a sickening penchant for the personal abuse of others and vile power trips. As Howard Fineman writes Bannon is: A master of cunning, apocalyptic, xenophobic narrative, Steve Bannon has given Trump a grander mission ― that of saving the Christian West from Islam, mat … [Read more...]

Trump Is President Because Too Many On the Left Put Faith in Late Night Comedy Rather Than Policy: Call This the Daily Show Epic Fail

 The Daily Show was an epic fail: irony and snark lost to the reality of Trump, as it were. Trump is president because the left, liberals and especially younger people put their faith in late night comedy rather than policy. Even now, two months-plus into Trump’s term, liberals still haven’t figured out that the reason he’s president is because millions of union members and many left-leaning nonvoters decided to show up for Trump rather – as it were—than for the late night comedy politic … [Read more...]

I’m a white male in North America’s upper middle class

I’m a white male in North America’s upper middle class.This inglorious inheritance of slaveholders, misogynists, and war-makers shapes what I experience and, just as importantly, do not experience—i.e., what black men undergo in our country’s criminal and judicial system or even during casual traffic stops and what women of all races and classes endure when confronted by our culture’s everyday sexism and what gay women and men face in the daily bigotry (or worse in the all-too-common violence … [Read more...]

Did you know… that in 1978 Steve Martin predicted Trump would someday become president and played him on THE MUPPET SHOW arriving at the oval office on Trump’s first day as Trump is welcomed by Steve Bannon: WATCH!

(Photo YouTube) Did you know... that in 1978 Steve Martin predicted Trump would someday become president and played him on THE MUPPET SHOW arriving at the oval office on Trump's first day as Trump is welcomed by Steve Bannon: WATCH!``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````P.S. If you want to know a little more about where I'm coming from and my perspective on politics, religion and the intersection of faith and life-- here's a new movie about me. (It's below the … [Read more...]