(photo YouTube) Putin is waging a global campaign to discredit the very idea of democracy. "Trump has joined his cause," (as Jonathan Chait noted in New York magazine). The debate culminated in Trump refusing to pledge that he would accept the outcome of the election – a statement of disloyalty to the American system of government without precedent since 1860, when Southern Democrats vowed to leave the union if the Republican Party prevailed. Post-debate anyone still voting for Tr … [Read more...]

Imagine if God answered these Christian prayers about abortion…?

(Photo YouTube)"For those who would like to see fewer abortions, perhaps it’s time for prayers of a different sort," writes Valerie Tarico in AlterNet. Tarico then makes 7 suggestions in her article: "The Peculiar Role Prayer Plays for the Christian Right in Its Crusade to Make Abortion Illegal."Tarico's list brings up an interesting point not just about the politics and the hypocrisy of the religious right, but about the odd Christian belief that human justice must somehow balance G … [Read more...]

One Picture Says It All: Here’s the Real Trump “Legacy”

(a gun ad that ran in the Las Vegas Review-Journal photo Twitter)“I got three words for you: Cabbage Patch dolls,” Cameron Hopkins, owner of local gun store Westside Armory, replied when HuffPost asked why he believed the price of guns would go up if Clinton becomes president. “Do you remember when all the kids wanted Cabbage Patch dolls? And it was Christmas time and all the toy stores were running out of Cabbage Patch dolls? So what do you think happened to the price of Cabbage Patch d … [Read more...]

THIS IS BIG-BREAKING NEWS…President Obama’s Most Important Statement of his Presidency: The election is not “rigged.” (President to Trump “STOP Whining!”)

(Photo YouTube) Breaking News... President Must Defend Democracy Itself Against a Would be Fascist: A FIRST in American History. Trump proves he is a greater threat to America than were the 9/11 terrorists who attacked buildings & individuals. Trump says our election is "rigged" and is thus attacking the USA's very heart: the legitimacy of our democracy. Now a real patriot and great man-- President Obama -- answers him. This is a very, very big deal, a moment in American history when you … [Read more...]

Here’s the Best overall Commentary on Trump, America, the media and the fact-free Right of 2016: DO NOT MISS THIS 15 Min BILL MAHER INTERVIEW WITH FAREED ZAKARIA – CNN

(Photo Twitter) This Bill Maher (15 min) interview on the overall meaning and threat of Trump's run for the presidency is one for the history books or a time capsule.  Don't miss this.And... here's a bonus! (Hilarious!) WATCH as Stephen Colbert Explains The Conspiracies Against Donald Trump...XXX``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````P.S. If you want to know a little more about where I'm coming from and my perspective on politics, … [Read more...]

Trump Is No Aberration to Christianity, In Fact Trump Is the Perfect Christian Candidate: He Actually Represents the Worst of What Might Be Called “Deep Christianity”

(photo YouTube: Christian leaders praying for Trump to win)```````Trump is the prefect Christian candidate. Seriously. He's no aberration but the norm, at least as far as American evangelicals go when it comes to the way they read the Bible. Trump is Christian "logic" carried to a logical conclusion. ````Trump is tapping into a dangerous level of the worst of our religious tradition, and we need to recognize it. Trump is the worst of what might be called “deep C … [Read more...]

Trump is getting ready to take revenge on America for spurning his unwanted groping of our entire nation: FIRST INDICATIONS OF THE TRUMP-INSPIRED KILLINGS TO COME AFTER TRUMP LOSES: ALLEGED WHITE TERROR PLOT BY TRUMP SUPPORTERS FOILED BY FBI

  The FBI just foiled an alleged terror plot hatched by white supremacist Trump supporters... set to go off the day after the election... "When we go on operations, there’s no leaving anyone behind, even if it’s a one-year-old, I’m serious," said Trump supporter, Patrick Stein, a member of the terrorist “Crusaders” terror group according to FBI.and...A new Trump-supporting teen Nazi site was just broken up on Facebook...and...A man with a gun has been harassing a Democr … [Read more...]

Will Evangelicals Who Love Israel Follow Trump as he Unleashes His Last Ditch “New World Order” conspiracy theories With Heavy White Supremacist Age-Old Anti-Semitic Overtones?

(Trump photo YouTube, Logo of "Stormfront" Radio "a community of racial realists and idealists. We are White Nationalists") Does Donald Trump say that the goal of "the Jewish Masonic elite is to ... enslave all of mankind under the thumb of a Jewish master race led by a world messiah who is to rule from Jerusalem"? Not yet, but he's coming close to the anti-Semitic site (one of thousands) that did post that quote. It's not much crazier than what Trump is saying now.Speaking to … [Read more...]