Did You Know That Trump, Pat Robertson and Jay Sekulow (Trump’s New “Defense Attorney”) Are All on the Same Team Now? They’re All Specialists in Scamming People, Building Highly Lucrative Nepotistic Empires… and Lying

Why would Trump hire a right-wing fundamentalist Pat Robertson clone/follower “First Amendment lawyer” famous for claiming white evangelicals are the victims of left wing media conspiracies (and for spreading other delusional fables) rather than a reputable defense attorney? Because Trump saw Sekulow on Fox NEWS!Trump watched as Sekulow praised him and Trump loved it! His new ass-kisser was hired by Fox as a “legal analyst” and Trump (like Chance the Gardener of “Being There”) watches TV! Tr … [Read more...]

Trump Is NOT Our Future! Take HOPE

I predict a coalition will rise up to wipe away the stench of Trump. Trump is the last stinking fart of a dying white supremacist oligarchy supported by a diminishing underclass and a white evangelical mob of self-pitying deluded fundamentalist know-nothing reactionaries. He -- and they -- are not our future. Take hope.Young voters will save us. Ask anyone in the UK. Ask the French. Ask the Dutch. The far right in Europe is being put in its place. Here in America in 2018 we will send the … [Read more...]

Trump’s Decision to Pull out Of the Paris Climate Accord Forces Us to Ask the Ultimate Moral Question: Is Human Existence Only a Vicious Arena Where Ruthless Destroyers Compete for Deadly Advantage, Or Do We Still Dare To Yearn For Beauty, Righteousness, Meaning And Purpose?

Trump is out to destroy the human race's hopes of reversing climate change. He molested women and now he is raping the planet. Trump said women were forced to let him assault them because he was rich and famous. Now he is murdering our future also convinced that he can get away with it.Let’s be clear: Trump's rape of Mother Earth has nothing to do with serving America’s national interest. In fact it will hurt us as China takes the lead in new energy efforts. The U.S. economy, in particular, w … [Read more...]

The Mask Has Fallen From the “Family Values” Trump-Loving Religious Right: The Putin-Loving Global White Religious Right Is Not Religious At All, But More Fascist by the Day

Pastor Billy Graham’s daughter Anne Graham Lotz, says that God allows terror attacks "because of transgenders and theory of evolution." Cardinal Caffarra, speaking May 19 to the Rome Life Forum, to 100 family values leaders from over 20 nations, warned that Satan is hurling “ultimate and terrible challenge” at God by society embracing gay families. In his speech, the Italian cardinal warned that we are now facing a “frightful war" on marriage and the family but urged the faithful not to be afraid … [Read more...]

Sean Hannity, Seth Rich, Noah’s Ark and Trump: Why Fake News and Fake (Evangelical) Religion Endures

Why did 81 percent of white evangelicals believe Trump's lies? Why do they still persist in supporting this failing and flailing "president"? Why do they prefer fake news to facts? The answer can be found by juxtaposing 2 stories: Saen Hannity's fake conspiracy theories about Seth Rich and the fact that Ken Ham built an ark, a Noah-sized ark he wants us to believe actually once existed.If we can learn anything from these two related events -- religious delusion on a literally monumental … [Read more...]

WATCH MY NEW VIDEO: In The Trump/Pence/Putin/ISIS Terror-Era, It’s Time To Tell The Hard Truth: All Fundamentalist Religion Is the Enemy of Peace. Period.

In The Trump/Pence/Putin/ISIS Terror-Era, It’s Time To Tell The Hard Truth: All Fundamentalist Religion Is the Enemy of Peace. Period. Please WATCH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibvZAzRR8Lk&feature=youtu.beIf you appreciated this commentary, signup to be notified via email of new articles and videos at frankschaefferblog.com. … [Read more...]

The Terrifying Truth about the USA (And All of Us) That Trump’s Rise to Power Confirms and What to Do about It

Before Trump became president there was room for debate about what and who we Americans really are. Not anymore. We know ourselves now because Trump is our mirror.Before Trump became president there was room for charity when it came to considering who white evangelicals might be; how enlightened the “New South” might be; who and what the Republican Party is: the collective brain power of our country; the value of internet connectivity and disruption: the level of optimism about our future tha … [Read more...]

Does U2’s Bono Support Donald Trump?

Bono is on tour and denouncing Trump. The problem is that Bono unwittingly helped get Trump elected. Bono did this by providing cover for the white evangelicals that are Trump's most reliable base.Bono has for years burnished the image of the far right hate-monger and Trump-booster Franklin Graham, and his hell-preaching fundamentalist father Billy. Bono has also provided photo ops for other white evangelical leaders including Mike Pence and W Bush. These are the people that put Trump in … [Read more...]