Trump and the ‘Left Behind’ Evangelicals: How They Were Prepared To Vote for a Fool and (Maybe) Destroy the World

 Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series of sixteen nov­els represents everything that is most deranged about American re­ligion. To understand why Trump became president -- with 81 percent of the white evangelical vote -- you have to understand the importance of these novels and all they represent.Trump didn’t just fall from the sky to become the nominee. White evangelicals made him president. And they have a lot in common with Trump. It's no accident he wound up as the "G … [Read more...]

Free: Read a sample chapter from my new forthcoming book “Letters to Lucy”

 "Letters to Lucy" is a multimedia project I've worked on for 3 years. Now I've teamed up with EJ, a great designer to bring it out as an iBook. We've chosen to publish the book this way because it allows us to show and experience the art, movies, TV and music I speak of. Why the book? Because someone has to try and rebuild our civilization! Look for "Letters to Lucy" in the next few months and click the link below to read, watch and listen to the first chapter FOR FREE on my new … [Read more...]

Is Trump (Literally) A Madman?

As Trump melds TV-watching with Tweeting, in his warped flow of media-addled consciousness, he is the perfect example how our TV-addicted culture has now morphed into the tech-addicted culture of alt-"facts."Mental health experts have claimed the President is 'paranoid and delusional' and say it's their 'ethical responsibility' to warn the American public. If he's crazy, what drove him nuts? I think several things may have: money, nasty racist parents, his warped genetic template... but in … [Read more...]

Trump Voters And Liberals Can (For Once) Unite! Let’s Join Together To Bankrupt UNITED and Send a “Stonewall” — Type Message to Our Greedy Merciless Corporate Overlord Bullies

Normalizing abuse, violence and tyranny in America to protect corporate greed is now our way of life. Left and Right unite! Let's destroy United Airlines and send a message to our overlords: enough!We are becoming a class-ridden society. Citizens face violence and the threat of the law for exercising their ordinary rights--such as wanting to actually fly when they pay for a ticket.Put it this way: Here is something that members of Black Lives Matter and Fox News fans can unite on. It … [Read more...]

There’s Only One Way the Democratic Party Can Win Back the White House and Congress: Toss a Lit Match into the Gas Can of Trump Voters’ Perpetual Anger

 Put it this way: How does one talk someone mired in irrational beliefs into accepting fact-based reality? More to the point these days, how does one change a Trump voter’s mind and get her or him to reject Trump’s multiplying lies and vote for a Democrat next time?How do you reason someone out of a position that they themselves did not reason into?The answer is—you can’t.But you can pry enough Trump voters out of the Republican Party and incite them to vote for Democrats, an … [Read more...]

America Dishonored

I had never thought about ancestry much until Trump was elected. His fanning the flames of hate for the “other” reminded me that my family goes “way back” in America. Far from that being a matter of pride being a white American is one of shame. I was thinking about this as I made a video talking about Trump while standing in a small military graveyard. I was also thinking about my family beginning with my son John who served in the US Marines and was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq in 2003 and … [Read more...]

Do NOT Miss This Explosive NEW Well Made Documentary Exposé of Trump’s Slimiest Alt-Fringe Cohort – Steve Bannon (If you’re Not Horrified You Don’t Have a Heartbeat) WATCH

(Photo YouTube) Steve Bannon is the slimy Alt-Fringe delusional brain behind brain-less and unstable and bizarrely confused Tweeter-Of-Lies "president"  Trump. And Bannon is a certified a right-wing extremist with a sickening penchant for the personal abuse of others and vile power trips. As Howard Fineman writes Bannon is: A master of cunning, apocalyptic, xenophobic narrative, Steve Bannon has given Trump a grander mission ― that of saving the Christian West from Islam, mat … [Read more...]

Don’t like Trump? Meet the 2 people who with their children (literally) put Trump in power

(Photo YouTube Rebecca Mercer, left, with her parents Robert and Diana Mercer)  Don't like Trump? Meet the 2 people who with their children (literally) put Trump in power and are now funding the rise of the white nationalist anti-American hate machine of the far, far racist right... For these billionaire high tech extremists, Trump is just "Act I" ... (George Orwell call your office!) In this explosive revealing exposé the Washington Post sheds sunlight on the murky secret plan of an … [Read more...]