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“The Day my Father Died I Felt Such a Relief…” (How the ‘Gospel’ Wrecks Lives)

"Dear Frank, There are times when I wish Jesus had never come to earth and Christianity had never been born. I'm not sure exactly what Christ accomplished anyway given the sad state of Christianity! Yes, you can reprint my letter. Just use my name as 'Ben W. Atlanta, GA.'" From: Ben To: Frank  Schaeffer Sent: Wed, Nov 13, 2013 9:10 pm Subject: Liberation DayHi Frank, I see non-religious families enjoying each other at restaurants - grandfather, father and sons sitting together, … [Read more...]

A Road-map for Spiritual Ethics

Ethics can evolve along with every area of human discovery, for instance, beyond ugly biblical myths born of justifying tribal hatred and ethnic -- God-made-us-do-it -- cleansing after the fact. Individual parishes, let alone individuals, may practice a compassionate and enlightened faith no matter how they differ with the “official moral doctrines” of their churches, mosques or temples left over from horrific times.I’ve seen this ethical evolution in action. In fact my new book -- And God S … [Read more...]

What my Parents Never Seemed to Have Done is Consider that the Bible Contains a Paradox

When my busy dad Francis Schaeffer and I spent time alone together, I discovered a quiet and humble man who seemed sadder than he was angry while struggling to conform his personality and natural interests – art and hiking  -- to a theological ideal that he questioned. As a result of his deep unanswered questions he defended his views all the more loudly in public. Don't we all? Besides which; Dad was genuinely moved by compassion for the “Lost” and just because he was needlessly worried for thei … [Read more...]

Dumb Evangelicals Are Holding the US Hostage– The Story the Media Won’t tell

The media failed to tell the real story of how we reached the shutdown and brink of default. To get what’s happening to the GOP and, to America, you need to understand the theology of the extremist frankly stupid and misinformed evangelical heartland. We don't have a political problem. We have an evangelical stupidity problem. The Republican Party has fallen into the grip of an evangelical-led group of religious fundamentalists who are either true believers or who know how to cater to them. Now t … [Read more...]

Why Is Christianity Today Ignoring Billy Graham’s End-Times Prophecy?

"For those that weren’t aware, Billy Graham is prophesying the end-times and the second coming of Jesus Christ. This is the kind of crazy, magical thinking that Frank Schaeffer so masterfully portrays in his new novel, And God Said, Billy! and his memoir Crazy For God."By johnfromberkeley Follow RSS Daily Kos member first published in the Daily Kos. Originally posted to johnfromberkeley on Thu Nov 07, 2013 at 01:39 PM PST. Also republished by Street Prophets .Thu Nov 07, 2013 at 0 … [Read more...]

Dear Franklin Graham and Frank Schaeffer– An Open Letter To Two “Franks”

From: John of BerkleyTo: Franklin Graham and Frank SchaefferDear Franklin Graham and Frank Schaeffer,The other day, I published an article about Why I Won’t Be Celebrating Billy Graham’s 95th Birthday. I wrote the article out of sincere concern about the infantile state of faith in America, and the role and influence of the religious right in bringing it about. In your own ways, both of you have inspired me to reflect deeply on my own life and worldview, and to paraphrase Frank’s dad, … [Read more...]

Here’s A Reason Why I Bother Writing– “Frank, I need the rawness. I need the dirt. I need the profanity.”

I got this email from someone I'll call "Wounded Recovering Evangelical", who gave me permission to post it here but says "That being said, please remove all the identifiers. When I say we’re from rural parts, I mean that. Everybody knows everybody. Our people are bible thumping (and twisting), Obama hating, tea party rednecks, bitter and broken and full of indoctrinated blame... "So here's the letter emailed from somewhere in the South: "My name is ---, 43 years old, husband, father. I was … [Read more...]