Trump Is No Aberration to Christianity, In Fact Trump Is the Perfect Christian Candidate: He Actually Represents the Worst of What Might Be Called “Deep Christianity”

(photo YouTube: Christian leaders praying for Trump to win)```````Trump is the prefect Christian candidate. Seriously. He's no aberration but the norm, at least as far as American evangelicals go when it comes to the way they read the Bible. Trump is Christian "logic" carried to a logical conclusion. ````Trump is tapping into a dangerous level of the worst of our religious tradition, and we need to recognize it. Trump is the worst of what might be called “deep C … [Read more...]

In Some Sort of Weirdly Wonderful First Rage Against the Minivan AND Alternet BOTH Run (Wildly Different) Excerpts From My New Book

Kristen Howerton founder of Rage Against the Minivan "Why Jesus Would Have Hated Most Modern Day Religion" on Alternet Two diametrically different leading websites Alternet (Lefty social/political) and Rage Against the Minivan (family/parenting/social justice) have just run excerpts of my book over the weekend. his has to be some sort of a first.Rage Against the Minivan is one of the premier parenting sites run by author, speaker Ted Talker (Wild Goose Festival participant this year!) … [Read more...]