Liberals and Fundamentalists Have it Wrong: Faith is Not About “Correct” Facts

The reason so many liberal churches are empty or mostly populated with aging rationalists who seem to have a somewhat embarrassed attachment to religion, is that trying to reduce spiritual experience to something verifiable is a dead end. It’s a dead end for fundamentalists too. Fundamentalists wind up defending myths as historically true. That’s as futile as it is for the theological liberals that seek to demystify myths and render the life of the spirit tangible.Join me at the Wild Goo … [Read more...]

Kiss Original Sin Goodbye (For FREE One Day Only)

Tony Jones has done us all a HUGE favor. His new book A Better Atonement has just been published.It's free today (only) so do what I did and download it now, read it, and thank Tony -- and God but maybe not in that order – for the fact that it turns out that A), God isn't as horrible as you thought he was, and B), Tony just saved God from the black eye Augustine gave him.As Tony puts it: “Augustine took Paul’s interpretation of Genesis 2-3 in Romans 5 and extended that to mean that Adam’ … [Read more...]